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Nothing inspires like a champion.

Whether they’re just starting out, or critically acclaimed, Canon Champions represent some of New Zealand’s most talented image-makers. Champions for our brand, they exclusively trust our products to help bring their vision to life, time after time.

Image by Paul Blackmore
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Canon Masters

Pros at the top of their game. Perfecting their craft over many years, Canon Masters represent the vanguard of contemporary image making. With vision, insight and experience, they make the most of opportunity, and through our Masters program, share their skills to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

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Image by Tania Niwa
Canon Ambassadors

Supporting our biggest supporters. Innovative creatives who stand by our products, their work couldn’t be more diverse, yet they have two things in common – their pursuit of personal truth, and their choice to use Canon products to embrace it.

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Image by Jarrad Seng
Canon Creators

Sharing the essence of now. Skilled content creators embracing the versatility of Canon products to push creative boundaries and engage diverse online audiences. Forever fresh, their photography and videography lives in the moment.

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Image by Marley Morgan
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