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Season Two: Breaking Down Barriers with Photography

“Taking photographs helped me break down barriers."

Over two decades, the award-winning Canon Master Stephen Dupont has been a champion for the people of fragile and marginalised cultures through his hauntingly beautiful and intimate photographs of humanity.

“My earliest memories of photography are of travelling around the world when I was 18. I just had this desire to go and see the world and see what was going on beyond my own country.”

Tales by Light - Stephen Dupont

Stephen’s renowned for capturing the dignity of people in his stories, often in some of the most dangerous conflicts and situations. And it’s his unique photographic insight that truly uncovers some of the culture and communities that have existed for hundreds of years, yet are fast disappearing from our world.

“I think it was through taking photographs that allowed me to break down barriers and to explore and to meet people. And I just found this real passion. I found this real love of photography.”

Tales by Light - Stephen Dupont

In Episode 3 of Tales by Light Season 2, Stephen attempts to break down a new barrier. He’s seeking a new perspective on death—to see if he can uncover a more natural view of the subject that has overshadowed his entire working life. Stephen poses the question: Will he ever be able to see death and life in the same way?

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