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Make numbers easy with Canon’s wide range of calculators that deliver on all your home, educational, tax and business needs. Crunch numbers, sort the books and even go green with our special range constructed from recycled plastic.
27-inch 4K/HDR professional display
Canon Multi-Camera Control app
The Multi-Camera Control app is a wireless remote application that streamlines multi-camera workflows for Cinema EOS and professional cameras.
RF 28mm f/2.8 STM
Pancake lens
Street and everyday
Small & lightweight - 120g
RF 24mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM
Macro lens
Close up macro photography
Minimum focusing distance of 14cm
RF 200-800mm f/6.3-9 IS USM
Super-telephoto zoom lens
Sports and wildlife
Assignable lens function button
Multi-Camera Management Application
Centralised setup and management of remote cameras
RF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
avg. customer rating
Macro lens
Close up macro photography
Maximum shooting magnification of 1.4x
RF 135mm f/1.8L IS USM
Portrait shooting with a telephoto perspective
RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM
Macro lens
Macro-capable portrait lens
5.0 stops Image Stabilization