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Travel Cameras 

Discover our range of travel cameras. Live your Adventure and Uncover a world of details with Canon.
Image by Canon photographer, Scott Stramyk
A travel camera for any destination
Live your adventure and uncover the world's untold stories.
  • DSLR Cameras: Unparalleled quality. Always

    Canon DSLR's boast outstanding video and image quality due to the large  sensors and are compatible with our most prized L series lenses. So whether you're packing the family into a caravan for a beach side camping trip or you're off on that much anticipated trek through Sri Lanka, a Canon DSLR travel camera will be your durable, trusted companion every step of the way.

  • Mirrorless Cameras: Smaller packages with impressive performance.

    Explore our Mirrorless cameras if you're aiming to travel light but still wanting those impressive holiday snaps with exceptional quality. Focus your shots to precision with the electronic viewfinder and shoot your travel videos in Full HD.  Connect your mirrorless camera to your mobile device so you can share those creative holiday shots instantly and be the envy of everyone back home.

  • Compact Cameras: The small cameras with a big personality.

    Compact enough to fit in your pocket or sit comfortably in your hand, you'll always be ready to capture that perfect shot on your travels. Our high performance G-series packs DSLR performance into a compact space while the superzoom range ensures no subject is too far with up to 130x zoom. Perfect for that safari adventure you've been meaning to book.

Featured Travel Cameras
Find a camera that suits your travel style and personality. Here are our top picks for best travel cameras:
How far can you push your photography

“Quite often there's a classic shot – the one that everybody wants to take – it's a great creative challenge to try and shoot it differently”

Richard I'Anson, Travel photographer and author of the Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Photography
The most treasured souvenirs you can bring home are your photographs
Get to know your camera before you travel

Get the most out of your Canon Camera before you head off on your trip with our helpful video guides. Take a tour, become more creative and get connected with Camera Assist; send photos directly from your camera to your mobile and be the envy of everyone back home. Wherever you are in the world.

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Bring Your Curiosity

We’re all born curious. But over time, the way we think and see becomes limited. So we sent three uncurious travellers to all corners of the globe, to discover how unlocking your curiosity can change your way of life. See what happened next.

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