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Meet Rebecca – Field Sales and Customer Marketing Manager 

Fun Fact
I love playing sports, tennis, golf, squash, softball etc. I’m also a big trivia fan and I go to quiz night, religiously, every Tuesday. 

What do you enjoy most about your role?  
Probably that no day is the same, one of the things that keeps you in a role or with a company for a long time is variety. We have a small team so responsibilities often change, you get handed new projects or responsibilities. As a result very few things become routine or monotonous, there is always new people to meet and skills to learn.

What surprised you the most about working at Canon? 
Initially how small the Canon Consumer Imaging (CCI) team was, soon followed by how much work so few people could get through! I was also really impressed by the fact that everyone had a voice, regardless of your position in the team you were encouraged to speak your mind. The team is dynamic and more often than not these ideas and suggestions are turned into new ways.   

What opportunities has Canon offered you? 
From day 1 at Canon it was clear that there were a number of professional and personal development opportunities available if you had the right attitude, had a goal and wanted to work towards it. I have been at Canon for 6 years, I started as a Territory Manager, moved quickly to Key Accounts then Channel Management, now I am lucky to be the National Field Sales Manager.

Why would you recommend Canon as a workplace to your family and friends? 
If you are a hard worker that likes to achieve results - I would definitely recommend Canon and CCI as a great place to work, it’s a really motivating environment.  Another bonus is that maintaining a work life balance is strongly encouraged. We celebrate big wins together, then we are encouraged to leave work at work so that weekends are for hobbies, friends and family. 

Meet Ben – Sales Associate

Fun fact:
I studied the outdoors for four years and one of the highlights was climbing in the Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park! I love the outdoors so this was an unforgettable experience.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
My role as a Sales Associate means I’m working closely with the Business Solutions team to find new Canon clients as well as strengthen our existing relationships. For me, the people make the job – the team I have around me motivates me and makes it an enjoyable place to work! 

What surprised you the most about working at Canon?
The standard of both the technology and service that we offer. I knew Canon was a global brand with a focus on cameras and printers, but the breadth and quality of image technology we provide is outstanding. Not only that, everyone works hard to ensure the customer has the best possible experience. 

What opportunities has Canon offered you?

Working at Canon has given me a real opportunity to launch my sales career. Having previously worked as a door to door commission agent, I know the value of hard work. Working here means I’m truly rewarded for that work and have a clear career progression where I can prove my worth. The support on offer is amazing as well – it shows Canon truly cares about their staff.

Why would you recommend Canon as a workplace to your family and friends?    
Canon was the 8th most trusted brand worldwide this year, we reinvest heavily in growth and development as well as environmental initiatives, and the people here are awesome. Being able to say ‘I work for Canon’ is a pretty neat feeling.
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