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As a global leader in business innovation Canon Business Services ANZ (CBS) combines the best people, processes and technology to provide optimised Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to companies across Australia, New Zealand, United States and the Philippines. They’re a dynamic hub of new thinking, creativity and advanced process technology.
Their focus on delivering innovation, sustainability and lean-business means customers enjoy greater efficiency, flexibility and improved financial performance. Their key service offerings are across managed services, document services and financial services.
The way they create and configure their solutions enables them to operate key business processes more efficiently, simply and cost effectively than businesses can operate themselves in-house.

Harbour IT 
Harbour IT is a market leader in cloud and managed services offerings for Australian organisations. Their enterprise-grade infrastructure technology has the reliability and scalability your business needs. They remain flexible and personable in order to create specifically tailored solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

With customers in industries including finance, health and manufacturing entrusting their IT to them, they are known for their customer service excellence and can-do approach. They have proudly built long-term relationships with customers by providing the best IT service management experience possible. 

Their people, processes and technology provide customers with intelligent solutions that increase operational efficiencies, competitiveness and productivity. 

They invest in recruiting, training and retaining the best people to deliver extensive expertise, established processes and advanced enterprise-level solutions, all with a hands on, high-touch customer service approach. 

If your organisation could benefit from increased efficiency, flexibility and operational stability, contact Canon Business Services about their expertly and custom designed cloud and managed services offerings.