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Cameras for Content Creation

Take your content creation to the next level with Canon's cameras, accessories and lenses. Whether it's creating videos as a hobby, for social media or your business, we have the gear to suit all experience levels and budgets.
Choosing a camera for content creation
Are you a content creator looking to up their game? Whether you’re behind the camera looking to capture content on your favourite topic or in front to vlog and connect with your audience, we have all bases cover. Discover our Content Creators range.
  • PowerShot V10

    Outstanding image quality

    Create stand out photos and 4K videos with reliable auto focus that allows you to focus on crafting your content.

  • Canon EOS camera with vari-angle touch screen

    Creative composition

    Our tilt up and vari-angle touch screens allow you to get creative with angles including yourself in the frame.

  • Canon EOS camera pairing with a mobile phone using the Canon Camera Connect app

    Seamless sharing

    Instantly transfer content to your smartphone to share on socials with our Canon Camera Connect app.

Best Cameras for Content Creation
Are you a vlogger looking to up their game? A budding filmmaker looking for the perfect all-rounder camera? Or do you simply want to know the best camera for filming your YouTube videos? Whether it's short or long form content you're creating, we have all bases covered. Discover our Content Creators range.
  • PowerShot V10

    Recommended for content while on-the-go with a fixed lens (e.g. daily life vlogging, travel, outdoors, TikTok and Instagram reels) or for live streaming (e.g. Twitch, YouTube and Facebook).
    • 4K UHD 30p and FHD 60p video
    • 2 low noise built-in microphones
    • Plug and play live streaming or direct to YouTube and Facebook*
  • EOS R50

    Recommended for creating content while on-the-go with an interchangable lens (e.g. daily life vlogging, travel, outdoors, TikTok and Instagram reels) or for product demonstrations and reviews.
    • 4K 30p (uncropped) and FHD 120p video
    • Movie for close-up demos mode
    • Movie digital image stabilisation
  • EOS R10

    Recommended for greater creative composure with for creators shooting in manual mode. (E.g. food, beauty, gaming and travel)
    • 4K 60p (crop) and FHD 120p video
    • Flexibility to compose with multi-controller and quick control dial
    • Up to 2 hours continuous recording
  • EOS R8

    Recommended for wider-angle view, fast-paced subjects and low light conditions (e.g. travel, landscape, sports and wildlife)
    • 4K 60p and FHD 180p video
    • 3 and 5 second movie pre-recording
    • Up to 2 hours continuous recording

Direct to YouTube and Facebook via Canon Connect app. Live streaming on the platforms may change, stop, or terminate without notice. Please confirm their latest streaming condition. Please note in advance that Canon does not assume any responsibilities for services provided by third parties.
Microphones and Accessories for Vlogging and Filming
Use high quality audio to elevate your content with a microphone designed to complement your camera. Get clear and crisp sound with external microphones positioned closer to subjects and less affected by camera noise. Enhance your content creation process with accessories like a tripod and wireless remote control.
Recommended Lenses for Shooting Video
Depending on your videography style, Canon's interchangable lens cameras allow you to swap out your lens to get your desired look and focal length. Here are some must-have lenses for your vlogging kit, that are compatible with our EOS R series mirrorless cameras.
  • icon-troubleshooting 

    RF 16mm f/2.8 STM

    Great for ultra-wide view and 'selfie style' vlogging. Great background blur and low light performance. Stepping Motor for smooth and quiet autofocus.

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  • icon-troubleshooting 

    RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM

    Great versatile general zoom lens. Steady shots with 5.0 stops Image Stabilization. Stepping Motor for smooth and quiet autofocus.

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    RF 24mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM

    Great for macro and product videography. Steady shots with 5.0 stops Image Stabilization. Stepping Motor for smooth and quiet autofocus.

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Canon for the Creators - Find Your Kit

Explore the world of Canon’s EOS R Mirrorless range, featuring both full frame and APS-C sensors. Whether you're an aspiring vlogger, a travel photographer, or a filmmaking enthusiast, we've got you covered. Explore our curated selections to find cameras that align with your unique content creation style, or take our interactive quiz to pinpoint the ideal Canon camera setup that resonates with your creative vision. It's more than choosing a camera—it's about crafting your storytelling toolkit.

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Vlogging Tips and Tricks

Videography Tips

Learn more about the best ways to film, edit and share your content with more of our vlogging and videography tips.

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