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Minimise your printer fleet costs with Canon’s Print Management Solutions

With Print Management Solutions from Canon, organizations are able to set rules for printing based on their corporate objectives and data security protocols, while allowing print jobs to be submitted and accessed by the user via a PIN code, proximity/swipe card, or active directory login, at their convenience.

In order to help control wasteful financial and environmental behaviours, Print Management Solutions from Canon can also provide organizations with user metrics, detailing the types and volumes of documents being printed in order to manage costs by user or department.

Cloud-Based Print Services Guide

Scalable, secure and highly resilient. Learn about the benefits of cloud-based print services for government agencies.

Featured Solutions


uniFLOW is a server-based, enterprise-level print and scan management solution. uniFLOW is a single platform, modular solution that can include a variety of features depending on the customers’ needs. uniFLOW gives an organization an outstanding level of control and visibility into its print infrastructure. It provides for visibility into its costs, increased security measures by controlling device and function access, and an easy way to identify areas and behaviors that need adjustment.

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uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud print-and-scan solution that enables organizations to manage their entire print environment. The solution aims to help with document security, control costs, and increase employee productivity while simultaneously reducing internal IT requirements. It’s been designed to meet the needs of organizations that don’t want to invest in, or manage, local servers but still need to control their full printing and scanning processes.

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uniFLOW Online Express

To further enhance device capabilities and add value, uniFLOW Online Express is a device standard cloud authentication feature that can help you increase office productivity, control costs, and access to your equipment. uniFLOW Online Express is an easy-to-configure, secure, cloud-based authentication, scanning, and accounting solution for organizations that don’t want to invest in, or manage, local servers yet still want to control the printing and scanning processes of their end users.

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90-Day Free Trial

Experience the benefits of uniFLOW Online in a free trial mode for up to three months. The free trial mode allows for an unrestricted number of users and devices and can later be converted to a regular subscription without interruption in service. Terms and Conditions apply.

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    Canon policies are effectively implemented and routinely reviewed to ensure they deliver on our promise, meeting independent certification standards.

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    Engineered to comply with international quality standards, Canon’s document and records management software is safe and secure to manage your records.

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    With product and technical support from a global leader, you can manage your organisation’s documents and records with great confidence and efficiency.