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uniFLOW Online

Simple, Secure, Server-less cloud printing and scanning for business without the need of an onsite server

uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud print and scan management solution for businesses of all sizes to manage their entire environment. The solution aims to improve document security, control budgets and costs and increase employee productivity, while reducing internal IT requirements. It has been designed to meet the needs of businesses that do not want to invest in or manage local servers but still need to control their full printing and scanning process.

How uniFLOW online works
2022 Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution

After being successful in 2019, 2020 and 2021, uniFLOW Online impressed again in this year buyers Lab (BLI) Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence, winning a 2022 Pick for Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution—for the fourth year in a row: “Canon uniFLOW Online has solidified its position as the leading cloud output management platform, delivering more features—including secure printing, cost tracking, mobile printing, and scan workflows—and better usability than Keypoint Intelligence has seen in most leading online print management packages. The latest version offers Microsoft Universal Print integration and improved scan workflow, security, device and print management, and mobile capabilities.”

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2022 BLI Award - Outstanding Cloud Output Management Solution.

uniFLOW Online provides a single modular system which comprises office printing, document scanning, mobile printing, device management and production printing. This means, there is only one system the business administrator needs to learn and support. All users, groups, rules, security permissions and cost centers are managed centralized. Office and print room printing costs can be shown clearly in one report. Time spent for maintenance and backup is significantly reduced, because all print, scan and device management functions are bundled in one system.

  • Flexible Authentication

    Printers produce the hardcopy printout. uniFLOW Online ensures device security by requiring users to authenticate at the device before being able to access any of the device's features. Different authentication methods e.g., company proximity card, PIN code or even mobile phone allow this process to be simple for the user.

  • Print Confidential Documents Securely

    With uniFLOW Online users are able to print confidential documents securely. Print jobs submitted using the uniFLOW SmartClient or Direct Secure Print stay within the local company network. All print jobs stay in a user’s personal secure print queue until the user authenticates at a device and releases them. With My Print Anywhere, print jobs follow users from device to device, allowing the release of print jobs on any printer within their location. Users can also alter finishing options directly at the device before printing.

  • Print Documents From Cloud Storage Services

    Documents stored in a cloud storage service e.g. Box or Google Drive™ can be accessed after authentication and either be printed or saved to queue for later printing. More than 40 file types can be converted during Print from Cloud e.g. PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and standard image formats such as JPG and PNG.

  • Secure Document Scanning

    Scanning, as well as protecting business data, has become increasingly important since business requirements have evolved and cloud usage has grown and found its way into daily office life. With uniFLOW Online users can securely scan to either their own email address or a variety of cloud destinations. Secure scan processing, device access control, the encryption of scanned files as well as state of the art cloud security standards; using uniFLOW Online helps protect your data thanks to high security standards that are considered across all features.

  • Send Print Jobs From Anywhere

    Businesses have responded to the fact that mobile devices are commonplace today. Regardless of location, uniFLOW Online allows users to use their smartphones or tablets to print documents securely. More than 40 file types can be converted e.g. PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX and standard image formats such as JPG and PNG. This allows documents to be printed quickly on the go, just in time for the next meeting.

  • Track Scan Print And Copy Costs

    uniFLOW Online allows administrators to track printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs so costs can be allocated correctly to individual users, devices or departments. The uniFLOW Online dashboard displays all relevant information regarding the print, scan and copy environment.

New Features With Release 2021.2
  • uniFLOW Online 2021.2 Release - PayPal Top Up.

    Budget Top Up With PayPal

    UniFLOW Online allows students to simply top up their print account with Paypal.

  • uniFLOW Online 2021.2 Release - Print From Microsoft Teams.

    Print From Microsoft Teams

    Go to your secure queue and simply choose Microsoft Teams as your preferred cloud service to print a document.

  • uniFLOW Online 2021.2 Release - Scan To Microsoft Teams.

    Scan To Microsoft Teams

    Select the Microsoft Teams workflow to scan documents and send them to a team or channel.


Cloud services are rated to become the most disruptive technology in the upcoming years. They affect the way businesses operate and how consumers buy and use products and services. Moving local print and scan management to a fully cloud-based system reduces infrastructure management costs significantly while improving security and increasing productivity in comparison to currently available platforms.

  • Increase Device And Document Security

    uniFLOW Online prevents unauthorized use of the device by restricting printer access to authorized users only. This prevents any breaches of data and misuse as print, scan, copy and fax functionalities are unavailable to unauthorized visitors or employees. Protecting information is a key to any data loss prevention policy. Should sensitive information e.g. contracts or staff payroll find its way outside an organization its reputation and brand image are likely to be damaged and could incur heavy fines. Using a single driver, uniFLOW Online enables users to print confidential documents securely using any connected device.

  • Gain Control Over Costs

    The volume of printing that occurs in an office can be surprising. One of the best ways to cut down unnecessary costs is to ensure users print only what they need. uniFLOW Online's serverless print management solution helps administrators take complete control of printing and copying activities. It can highlight expenditure by users and pinpoint areas where costs can be scaled down. Thanks to its unique technology, immediate financial benefits are realized by the elimination of local print servers and reducing the burden on IT departments.

  • Improve Office Productivity

    uniFLOW Online enables employees to print from mobile devices or from cloud services and to scan directly to a variety of scan destinations giving greater flexibility in office workflows. As well as facilitating new working processes the print and scan infrastructure provides enhanced support so users can retrieve print and scan results faster and easier. Print jobs can also be modified on demand before being released, saving valuable time.

  • Reduce The Impact On The Environment

    uniFLOW Online can help to reduce environmental impact and support sustainability initiatives by optimizing printing procedures and improving internal processes that rely heavily on paper. This solution prevents unnecessary paper waste as users can only print what they need. Finishing options can be changed at a device before printing so preventing reprinting and false output. uniFLOW Online can help reduce power consumption of the print infrastructure by eliminating ‘Always On’ print servers across an entire organization.

uniFLOW Online Facts.
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