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uniFLOW Online: a secure public cloud-based print and scan management solution
uniFLOW Online is a robust, scalable SaaS solution, developed with zero-trust principles in mind to manage your entire print and scan environment. It enables secure printing, advanced scanning, and automated filing from any location and from multiple devices including personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and BYOD devices. Built on Microsoft Azure’s cloud environment, with easy driver deployment and support for multiple job submission pathways from one platform, it meets the needs of every organisation.

How uniFLOW online works

The benefits of uniFLOW Online

Increase Document Security

With uniFLOW Online, users can print confidential documents securely, even when they’re printing directly from popular cloud services such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online. All print jobs stay in the user’s personal secure print queue until they identify themselves at a device and release them.

  • Data Sovereignty

    Ensure your data is protected by Australia’s stringent laws and governance. Hosted within an Australian-based data center on Microsoft Azure, uniFLOW Online provides data sovereignty for customers, offering robust protection for businesses, enterprises, and government agencies. Learn more.

    Data sovereignty
  • Zero Trust

    Protect your organisation against the increasing risk of a data breach. uniFLOW Online applies layered security strategies aligned to Microsoft’s principles of Zero Trust, mitigating the risk of print data breach via in-office and remote employees.
    Learn more.

    Zero trust

Achieve Savings with Cost Tracking & Reporting

With uniFLOW Online, organisations can save costs by implementing print quotas, routing print jobs to cost-effective printers, and promoting double-sided printing. It also enables secure printing with user authentication, reducing unclaimed print jobs and unnecessary printing.

  • Cost Control

    Review, reduce, and recover costs with this advanced public cloud solution. Enhance cost visibility, track user and departmental spending, identify spenders, and implement effective cost recovery strategies for improved savings and efficiency. Learn more.

    Cost control
  • Reporting

    Track real-time account info, analyse reports by device/department, and implement changes to reduce waste, manage costs, and enhance security.


Innovative Cloud Platform

uniFLOW Online is configured and managed entirely within the public cloud. Administrators log in to the cloud portal to manage users, groups, printers and run reports on device usage. No local servers need to be purchased, maintained or managed.

  • Public Cloud Print & Scan

    Improve teamwork by quickly and smoothly sharing, scanning, printing, and filing documents. This adaptable solution provides excellent security, resilience, and reliability, with object availability of over 99.99%¹. It allows printing and scanning directly from and to cloud storage services like OneDrive, Drop Box, and Google Drive.

    Public cloud print and scan
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Reduce costs, enhance security, and say goodbye to print servers. Hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Azure, uniFLOW Online is a software as a service (SaaS) application for printing and scanning, which means you’re always working with the latest technology. 

    Software as a service

Improve Office Productivity

uniFLOW Online is simple and intuitive to use, seamlessly integrating with Canon devices so you can work faster and smarter.

  • Print from Anywhere

    Increase employee productivity by providing mobile printing facilities, print from cloud and customised scan profiles. uniFLOW Online simplifies mobile printing, no matter how users want to send their print jobs. 

    Print from anywhere
  • Secure Mobile Print

    Don’t let your mobile workforce put your data security at risk. uniFLOW Online lets users upload documents from smartphones, tablets or BYOD devices to their print queue via a browser, email, or directly from cloud services. With fast and secure encryption, they’ll be ready for print and finishing once released or delegated to trusted colleagues for collection.
    Learn more.

    Secure mobile print

Reduce your Environmental Impact

uniFLOW Online can help reduce environmental impact and support sustainability initiatives by optimising printing procedures and improving internal processes that rely heavily on paper.

  • Sustainability

    Simplified architecture enhances business continuity, while intelligent controls minimise unnecessary printing, saving resources and protecting the planet for future generations.

  • Eliminate On-premise Server Infrastructure

    uniFLOW Online has been designed to meet the needs of organisations that do not wish to invest in or manage local servers but still need to control their full printing and scanning process.

    Eliminate On-premise Server Infrastructure
Learn more about uniFLOW Online
Learn more about SaaS, Zero Trust architectures and how uniFLOW Online supports print management for enterprise, government and SMB organisations.

Ready to see uniFLOW Online in action?

Watch our short, on-demand webinar and discover how uniFLOW Online can boost security, reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Read more about uniFLOW Online

Filing Assist: uniFLOW Online’s powerful scanning and filing tool

Combined with superior Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX devices, Filing Assist accelerates a business’ digital transition. It saves time, reduces keying errors and brings consistency to your filing so you can find what you need, when and wherever you need it - at home, work or on the go.

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Awards And Recognition

Six Consecutive Years of BLI Awards

UniFLOW Online has once again impressed in the 2024 Buyers Lab Pick Awards, winning for the sixth consecutive year as an Outstanding Cloud Output Management Platform. Keypoint Intelligence recognised its powerful scanning functions, secure printing capabilities, and mobile/email printing functionalities. Users can easily scan documents to various cloud destinations such as Google Drive, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business, and benefit from automatic background image processing options. The special text-block OCR option enables quick document filing by scanning batches of repetitive documents.

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Frequently asked questions
  • What is the cost of uniFLOW Online Express?

    uniFLOW Online Express is a free and easy to install, secure cloud-based identification, scanning and accounting solution suitable for organisations who do not wish to invest in or manage local servers.

  • How does secure Mobile Printing work alongside uniFLOW Online?

    Users can print jobs from their mobile devices, smartphones, or tablets by sending the file to be printed as an email to uniFLOW Online. If the file needs to be converted from its native format into a language the printer understands, this takes place within the regional data centre in which the uniFLOW Online service is hosted, i.e. customer data does not leave the data centre. Once converted, the original file is deleted, and the converted file remains within the regional data centre until the user selects it to be released/printed.

  • How does uniFLOW Online store User and Print Job information?

    uniFLOW Online does not store any print jobs. Accounting data and configuration details are the only information that are sent outside the company network. Administrators can also prevent file names of print jobs being uploaded, which removes yet another potential security risk. Other sensitive information, e.g. ID card numbers or PIN numbers stored in users’ accounts, is encrypted via a one-way salted hash to further enhance security.

  • How does User Authentication and Password Storage work alongside uniFLOW Online?

    uniFLOW Online does not provide its own identity management. Instead, it accepts logon credentials from multiple identity providers. The default provider is Windows® Azure™ Active Directory®. Alternatively, administrators can use Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to integrate with, e.g. Microsoft® Office 365™, or their own locally hosted Active Directory®. In addition it is possible to make use of shared web identity providers like Facebook, Google, Yahoo!® or Windows Live ID. The primary security benefit of this identity management system is that uniFLOW Online does not store any user passwords. That said, provided the customer's own local Active Directory is connected, any password changes or user additions are automatically updated and recognised in uniFLOW Online.

  • What Tenant Information is stored within uniFLOW Online?

    Customer data is stored in uniFLOW Online according to statutory requirements. Customer data is not shared with any third parties, including Canon or the Canon Partner selling the service to the customer. Canon and Canon Partners can only view the names of their customers and license expiration dates. Customer user names, details, and print data is only available to the relevant customer.

  • Where is Data stored?

    uniFLOW Online is hosted in Microsoft® Azure™ data centres that are distributed across the globe. The multiple Microsoft® Azure™ data centres used by uniFLOW Online means that customer data respects data sovereignty, as it remains within the local region, i.e. U.S. customers' data will always be stored within U.S. data centres, and European customers can be sure their data will never leave Europe.

Try our award-winning print and scan management solution, uniFLOW Online

Sign up for a 3-month FREE trial subscription to experience the seamless efficiency, enhanced security, and convenience uniFLOW Online offers. Additionally, enjoy uniFLOW Online with an unrestricted number of users and devices. Later, seamlessly transition to a regular subscription without any interruption in service. Terms and Conditions apply.

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New features release
The 2023.2 release of uniFLOW Online incorporates central identity management, the ability to link your own MS Azure storage and improved diagnostics to reduce time and effort resolving issues.
  • Central User and Group Management

    SCIM 2.0 – Central User and Group Management

    Users and groups are now centrally managed via SCIM 2.0-compliant directories and automatically pushed to uniFLOW Online.

  • Link your Own Azure Storage

    Link your Own Azure Storage

    Security-conscious customers want to stay in control of the key management and control who is accessing which data. It is now possible for customers to link their own isolated Azure storage space to uniFLOW Online.

  • Improved Diagnostics

    Improved Diagnostics

    In case uniFLOW Online is not performing optimally, users are provided with helpful information on the status of uniFLOW Online directly on the device’s user interface, limiting the number of service desk tickets.