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Secure Mobile Printing

Enable secure mobile printing for BYOD users, partners, and guests. Print from any device to any network printer, without the need for print servers, extra hardware or cloud printing services.


Secure release printing from anywhere

Users have a variety of methods to submit their mobile print jobs e.g. the uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app, web upload or email. Regardless of how the print job is submitted, it will be placed in the user's secure print queue as if it had been sent via a standard printer driver. Following identification at the device, the user views a single list of jobs sent from both PC and mobile devices. If a mobile print job is selected, it is pulled from the uniFLOW Online portal and printed on the device. All mobile print jobs are also displayed in the 'My Queue' widget on the user's uniFLOW Online account dashboard. While the job remains in the secure print queue, users can delete it using the same widget.

Send print jobs from anywhere into one release queue.

Convenient mobile printing for guests

With uniFLOW Online, businesses can easliy provide secure printing to their guests. When a print job is transmitted via email, guest users will receive an email notification containing instructions together with a temporary job code. The temporary job code is used to identify at the device. Guest users will receive a second email once processing is completed informing them that their print job is ready for release. If an error occurs e.g. the maximum page limit has been exceeded, guest users are also notified via email. Print jobs are converted to a format recognised by the printer and stored in the uniFLOW Online data centre. Administrators can configure to print the email body text, attachments or both. Different default print functions can also be prescribed for employees and / or guests e.g. duplex and black and white.

Submitted Print Job Notification Via Email.
Mobile Release in Zero Trust Environments
The newest addition to the uniFLOW Online Zero Trust approach is the job release on MEAP/AddOn devices using a mobile device. There is no need for an edge device, server or SmartClient within the network to cater as a bridge because the print job and print information are stored in the cloud until the print job is released via a mobile device.
Mobile Release In Zero Trust Environments Diagram.
uniFLOW Online Print And Scan App
Businesses need to respond to the growing usage of mobile devices in daily business operations. The uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app, available for Android™ and Apple® phones, ensures that businesses can offer mobile print services without worrying about security risks. The app is available to every registered uniFLOW Online user. No need to involve administrators thanks to the comprehensive and straightforward self-registration process.

Secure print release from your mobile device

The app also allows the secure release of print jobs so users can be ready for the next meeting. To print files, users select their print job from their personal print queue and scan the QR code on the printer for immediate document release i.e. secure printing on any device regardless of make or model is enforced. Finishing options can be set within the app before printing. My Print Anywhere ensures print job availability at every device. Current print jobs can also be accessed and released on any device from any vendor via the app, providing a truly flexible work environment.

uniFLOW Online Print And Scan App Welcome Page.

Safely and easily submit documents to uniFLOW Online

The uniFLOW Online mobile app lets users print their documents quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a high level of document security. Users can submit print jobs by uploading a picture or uploading a file. When selecting ‘open in’, users can also print directly from other applications. Regardless of the chosen submission option, the “correct distortion” function detects the edges of a document, flattening out any trapezoid effect to ensure it is perfectly cropped. The app also includes a dashboard which displays statistical information about the current user’s print behavior e.g. personal activity reports and statistics of printed jobs.

Easily submit documents to uniFLOW Online.

Need corporate-grade mobile printing?

Experience secure mobile printing with uniFLOW Online for free for 90 days. The free trial mode allows for an unrestricted number of users and devices, and can later be converted to a regular subscription without interruption in service. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What makes Mobile Printing with uniFLOW Online secure?

    uniFLOW Online's mobile printing capabilities are built on the foundation that eliminating servers reduces risks. For extra security, users of the Print and Scan mobile app for Android and iOS can release their print job at their convenience allowing them to remain safe until they can actually be picked up from the printer's tray.

  • What are the cost benefits of Mobile Printing?

    As well as eliminating your print servers, uniFLOW Online also eliminates the maintenance costs associated with them. As a second benefit, Mobile Printing enables users to print quickly and easily from their mobile devices to any network printer, regardless of whether the printer has mobile capabilities. Printers that you already own do not have to be replaced.

    In addition, users can easily locate and install the nearest printer using our Self-Service Installation Portal, which can help cut down on print-related helpdesk calls.

  • What is the email-to-print feature?

    Users can take advantage of email-to-print functionality to easily print documents. By sending an email containing the document to the printer's designated email address, the printer will immediately print the document without requiring any client software or drivers.