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UniFLOW Online Trust Centre

uniFLOW Online is built 100% on Microsoft® Azure's high availability architecture, providing incredible performance, resilience and multi-layered security.

  • uniFLOW Online Trust Centre - Security.


    Data security is a priority for all of us. UniFLOW Online follows strong guidelines and industry best practice when it comes to security. It has been built natively on the Microsoft Azure™ web service platform to leverage the zero trust principles as defined by Microsoft®. The Microsoft Azure™ data centre ensures maximum security by encrypting data according to industry-standard protocols. These protocols are used to encrypt data which travels between printers and data centres, as well as internally within the data centre itself. uniFLOW Online’s industry-leading security and vulnerability assessment tools maintain a strong security position, so you can be assured your private and confidential information is protected.

  • uniFLOW Online Trust Centre - Reliability.


    uniFLOW Online is currently hosted in eight Microsoft Azure™ data centres across the globe, with our closest in Melbourne, Australia. Although outside of New Zealand, the data centre respects data sovereignty and achieves compliance by storing regional customer data within the area it is collected. This data is then subject to the laws and regulations of that region. With Australian Privacy Law providing comparable safeguards to that of New Zealand’s Privacy Act, this gives businesses comfort – knowing that their data is stored, and remains within the Oceania region. Each data centre is designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year, and employs various measures to protect operations from power failure, physical intrusion and network outages. The data centres comply with industry standards, such as ISO 27001, for physical security and availability. They are managed, monitored and administered by Microsoft® operations personnel.

  • uniFLOW Online Trust Centre - Compliance.


    Solid processes and procedures are vital to the security and smooth running of any service. UniFLOW Online as well as the Microsoft Azure platform comply with many industry standards and regulations to help keep your data safe. These standards include a broad set of international, as well as regional and industry-specific compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 28018, EU Model Clauses, MTCS, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2. Compliance to these standards is verified by third party audits and the results are available on the Microsoft Azure website.

  • uniFLOW Online Trust Centre - Privacy.


    Protecting personal data for you and your users is essential. Data will always be handled according to laws applicable to the region in which the data is stored. The information that can be accessed is somewhat dependent upon the way uniFLOW Online is configured. A Canon expert will work with you to ensure you carefully consider the functional and installation options to best suit your security requirements. This includes the best design options to keep print jobs local and to reduce the personally identifiable information present in the cloud service. Considering options, such as using your own Mail Servers and Identity Providers, can further reduce the overall information exposure.

ISO27001 Compliant

uniFLOW Online customers can be assured their confidential data is handled responsibly and securely. By attaining ISO 27001 compliance, all data protection and IT security measures inside NT-ware are subject to structured processes, sound risk management, and continuous improvement.

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NT-Ware ISO 27001 Certification.

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Start accurately tracking and reporting on printing costs, and enjoy uniFLOW Online's other benefits for free for 90 days. The free trial mode allows for an unrestricted number of users and devices and can later be converted to a regular subscription without interruption in service. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who is NT-Ware?

    NT-ware Operations is a global group of specialists responsible for building, maintaining, and expanding the infrastructure which supports uniFLOW Online.

  • How does NT-Ware handle security?

    NT-Ware have invested heavily into the Microsoft Security Suite to protect email and file level security handling, and proudly support and enforce the safe handling and distribution of email through Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) security. All mail infrastructure is protected and filtered through Microsoft Exchange Online Security features, Phish, SPAM and Malware detection. End users are also protected using Microsoft Safe Links, attachment sandboxing and desktop virus integrations on-demand detection.

  • What is the Zero Trust concept?

    The concept of Zero Trust Networking is the assumption that no user, device or service can be trusted. Deploying uniFLOW Online into Microsoft Azure™ ensures an incredibly robust, resilient and scalable platform. UniFLOW Online was developed in accordance with the following Zero Trust principals as defined by Microsoft®.

  • How does uniFlOW Online manage security around payment gateways?

    uniFLOW Online cloud service can be integrated into payment gateways, such as PayPal™, providing a simple and secure way for users to top up their print and copy accounts without processing or storing credit card data. All the credit card gateways supported by uniFLOW Online cloud service offer an integration architecture which uses URL redirect to direct the user’s browser to the payment gateway website. The user will be redirected to the payment provider site to complete the payment transaction i.e. credit card details are not provided to uniFLOW Online.

    uniFLOW Online cloud service has no direct interaction with the end-user or the payment gateway. Neither credit card data (card numbers, CVNs, expiry dates) or payment details are ever passed to or stored by uniFLOW Online cloud service. All credit card processing and user interaction take place on the payment provider’s site.

  • What are some of the policies that uniFLOW Online complies with?

    Security: UniFLOW Online follows a layered approach to security. Security policies have been built by capturing best practices from industry certification standards, including ISO 27001, and by aligning our measures with all relevant controls and sub-controls for Group 2 of the Top 18 CIS Controls® (Centre for Internet Security). This initiative forms much of the security planning and future strategy.

    Environmental: The international standard ISO 14001 defines requirements for an environmental management system and guides an organisation on how it can improve its environmental performance, meet legal and other obligations and achieve environmental goals. NT-Ware, as part of the Canon Group, has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 14001.

    General data protection regulations: Canon and NT-Ware ensures that business practices and any product features follow strict guidelines under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Our GDPR readiness and handling of data subject to this standard is reviewed at least annually.

  • What is uniFLOW Online’s privacy policy?

    For more information on uniFLOW Online's privacy policy, click here: uniFLOW Online privacy policy.