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Finding inspiration in your other senses

It’s a simple truth. If we’re always looking for inspiration in the same places, we’re likely to come up with similar results. But what happens when you start finding ideas outside of your own artform - even outside of visuals altogether?

Can our other senses be just as powerful sources of inspiration when it comes to creating unique images? In the above video, we invite three contemporary creative photographers - Anna Pogossova, Stuart Miller and Kristina Yenko - to take on a brief from an artist of a different stripe. But their brief offers them nothing they can see, forcing them to sharpen their other senses. To explore taste, touch and smell, and see if these sensations can in turn inspire them to create within a visual medium.

Each sense can provoke a feeling, a sensation or a memory, and following these indirect paths to photographic inspiration can open up unexpected creative territories.

THE MENU is another experiment from THE LAB, a series designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens. Special thanks to the photographers.

Read Kristina Yenko's reflection on the experience here.