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Feature Image by: Kingsley Attwood // @kingsleyattwood

Kingsley Attwood: Passion and Photography at The Mangawhai Skate Bowl Jam

“I love photographing skate, it's my passion. And turning my passion into a job is probably the best thing ever.”
Kingsley Attwood, Freelance Skate and Lifestyle Photographer

The 10th Annual Mangawhai Skate Bowl Jam

The Mangawhai Skate Bowl Jam is one of New Zealand’s premier skate events, annually transforming the beachside town of Mangawhai into a bustling hive of New Zealand skate culture.

For the 10th year in a row, The Mangawhai Skate Bowl Jam saw New Zealand's top skaters dropping into the acclaimed Mangawhai skate bowl, to compete across U16s, Women’s, Opens and Masters divisions. With the grandstand packed, the crowd pumped, and athletes ready to leave it all in the bowl, the 10th annual Mangawhai Skate Bowl Jam was set to be one for the books.

Amongst the fervour of the event, Canon New Zealand partnered with skate photographer, Kingsley Attwood, to share his top skate photography tips, gear recommendations, and advice for upcoming skate photographers.

Kingsley's unique style of skate photography has been formed by his continual search to shoot from a vantage point, a place where no one else would think of, or a location where no one in the crowd would be able to see the action from. This allows him to capture the whole event differently, providing the audience with fresh perspectives.

Changing your lens, can help to change your perspective, and enhance your story. Kingsley utilised the fantastic range an versatility of the Canon EF and RF family of lenses to help capture some incredible shots.

Lens Spotlight: EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM & RF 35mm F1.8 Macro IS STM


What gear was Kingsley using?

Kingsley's thoughts and tips on how to grow as a skate photographer.


Kingsley's Instagram: @kingsleyattwood