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Fear, Fails and Facts of Filmmaking Life – With Kate Cornish

Kate Cornish is a cinematographer, director, and Canon Ambassador based in Sydney Australia. From creating commercials and music videos to camera operating on TV dramas, she’s been able to hone a broad set of skills

Watch this insightful video to find out what Kate wishes she had known back she was just starting out in the film industry. Check out the snippets below for a glimpse of her key points.

1. Failure is a Fact of Filmmaking Life

It’s only natural to fear failure, but Kate believes it's essential to the development of every future filmmaker. Hear her discuss some of the biggest blunders she made while fresh out of film school, and the valuable lessons they taught her along the way.

2. Imposter Syndrome is Real (But Can Be Overcome)

Even with a wealth of successful film shoots behind her to back her up, Kate says she still struggles with imposter syndrome. Find out how Kate overcomes that negative voice in the back of her head and turns them around to boost her self belief.

3. Skills Beat Specs Every Single Time

As with all forms of photography, cinematographers can get carried away with their camera specs. But Kate has learned that knowing how to light, frame and colour grade your shots can do more for your career than simply splurging on a high-spec cinema camera.

4. Following Female DoPs Will Fuel Your Filmmaking

Women are underrepresented in camera departments around the world, which can leave females feeling like filmmaking isn’t a realistic career path. However, Kate says that discovering other female filmmakers gave her the confidence to pursue and envision a successful career behind the camera. Watch the video to hear her advice on how you can do the same.