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Kate Cornish

If anyone knows the importance of choosing the right equipment to realise your vision it’s Kate.

The Pursuit of Perfection
Kate’s skills are put to the test in her pursuit of shooting music videos, short films and television, where her creative flair and eye for detail is already making a mark.
“The reason I come back to Canon time and time again is their versatility. The colour science is beautiful and unlocks new doors for me. The EOS C500 Mark II's full frame sensor and ability to shoot RAW at 6k gives me a huge canvas to play with. Likewise, the EOS C70's small form factor enables me to be discreet for those Guerilla filmmaking moments.”

Kate Cornish

Kate Cornish using a Canon EOS Cinema Camera

Dykes on Bikes® Sydney: An Origin Story

Kate Cornish in collaboration with Tilly Robba & Steph Jowett

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