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Feature Image by: Aleksandar Jason

Seven Incredible Photography Destinations to Put on Your Bucket List

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you first step foot in a new destination.

Tiny differences feel profound, everyday life is a constant source of wonder, and wrong turns quickly become stories that you know you’ll carry with you for the rest of your days.

But, with almost 200 countries in the world to choose from, how do you decide where to visit first? We asked seven photography-loving adventurers to help you choose—here’s what they said.


Image by Matt Cherubino

Whether it be rain, hail, snow—and if you’re lucky, shine—Iceland sure knows how to throw it all.

Matt Cherubino

“To date, the trek from Bórsmörk to Landmannalaugar remains the most otherworldly landscape I’ve stepped foot in. Constantly mistaken for its Mars-like features, the trek cascades through the highlands over a distance of 55 kilometres.” 

Images and text by Matt Cherubino.


Image by Jarrad Seng

I’m always drawn to colour, whatever the place may be. Namibia had the entire spectrum.

Jarrad Seng

“From the golden tones of Swakopmund’s sand dunes, to the endless green of Erindi’s game reserve fresh after weeks of rain, to the striking black and white of a Zebra’s coat, to the flashes of purple lightning blasting the moody night sky. Of all of the places we visited, I’ll never forget the experience of photographing the skeleton trees of Deadvlei.” 

Image and text by Jarrad Seng.

New Zealand

Image by Aleksandar Jason

Every bend of every road reveals a new excitement. New Zealand dragged me in deep. Every angle was camera-worthy.

Aleksandar Jason

“Heading off for Queenstown, we had no clue what we were heading into. Hearing tourists talk about a potential blizzard was a little scary, but also a thrill; an unknown experience. “Cabin prepare for landing…” I looked out the window and saw a sight I will never forget—mountains, snow everywhere, lakes with crystal clear reflections. I was thankful the blizzard never hit!”

Image and text by Aleksandar Jason


Image by Gemma Cagnacci

Being a textile designer, I’m naturally drawn to colour, pattern, and texture. Mexico served this up in abundance.

Gemma Cagnacci

“Walking around the neighbourhoods of Mexico City and Oaxaca, I was lapping up the brightly coloured facades, crumbling paint and hand-painted signage.”

Image and text by Gemma Cagnacci


Image by Jenn Cooper

The overwhelming natural beauty of Antarctica left an indelible impression on my heart and soul.

Jenn Cooper

“When I close my eyes, I am instantly transported back to numb toes, frozen fingers, seven layers of clothing, and my trusty camera gear slung over my shoulder as I stepped outside to watch the enormous icebergs simply float by.”

Image and text by Jenn Cooper


Image by Laura McWhinnie

There’s something really special about Samoa’s coastline.

Laura McWhinnie

“One of my favourite days on the island of Savai’i was visiting the Alofaaga Blowholes where I was so taken by the palm trees on
the way to the blowholes, it took me about an hour to make my way to the rocks. I took a few shots of the blowholes, then it was straight back to the palm trees - there was an energy about that spot that made it hard to leave.“

Image and text by Laura McWhinnie


Image by Elise Hassey

Cambodia is such an interesting place to photograph as there is such a variety of subjects and landscapes throughout the ‘Kingdom of Wonder’.

Elise Hassey

“You can explore villages with locals practicing their craft of silver-smithing, rice-growing or fishing—with little recourse to modern technology, contrasting chaos of motorbikes zooming past the beautiful colonial buildings in Phnom Penh, and then of course the hundreds of monkey-populated temples—notably the UNESCO-listed Angkor Wat.”

Image and text by Elise Hassey

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