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Canon EOS 90D vs EOS 80D with Gemma Peanut

28th August 2019

Professional lifestyle and wedding photographer Gemma Peanut takes a look at the upgraded shooting features of the all new EOS 90D. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading from the trusty EOS 80D or entering the world of DSLR photography for the first time, this hands-on comparison review breaks down the new key features and upgrades that make the new EOS 90D stand out from the pack.

“Canon have introduced the EOS 90D, successor to the much-loved EOS 80D, and boy have they stepped things up a notch!” 

Gemma Peanut

Image Quality

The new 90D boasts a whopping 32.5 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, a huge step up from the 80D's 24.2 megapixels. The upgraded DIGIC 8 image processor is also a leap forward and delivers superior processing power over the 80D’s DIGIC 6 processor.

Product image of EOS 90D

Form Factor

Canon have maintained all the juicy dials and enhanced controls that keep DSLR lovers so loyal. The 90D also features an extended and more ergonomic grip, while keeping the body even lighter than the 80D. This subtle design refinement maximises comfort and allows you to carry your camera and larger lenses with even greater ease.

Optical Viewfinder

When you look through the optical viewfinder on both the 80D and 90D, you are literally seeing straight out of the lens. This gives you a very clear, sharp and authentic view of the scene without the risk of delay or blurring that you sometimes get with a digital viewfinder.

Gemma Peanut trying out EOS 90D

“In my time as a photographer I've used a variety of different cameras and I have to say the optical viewfinders on these DSLR cameras still win my heart.”

Multi-Controller Joystick

On the rear of the Canon 90D you will find the new multi-controller joystick. This is a particularly handy new feature that enables you to harness the full power of the 90D’s 45 point autofocus system and set your focus point with speed and precision.

Continuous Autofocus Tracking and Face Detection

Capturing moving subjects in crisp focus is now even easier thanks to the 90D's enhanced Autofocus Tracking feature. And while both cameras boast 45 AF points, the upgraded Canon 90D now also features iTR AF technology for impressive face and eye detection capability.

What’s more, the new 90D features 10fps continuous shooting during viewfinder shooting and 11 fps during Live View shooting, a considerable boost from the 80D’s 7 fps and 5 fps respectively. So if you’re shooting fast moving objects you won’t miss the shot.

Vari-Angle Touch Screen

Like the trusty 80D, the new and improved 90D boasts a fully-articulating Vari-Angle LCD screen. This dynamic manoeuvrability allows you to get creative with your framing and shoot from even the trickiest of angles. The screen is also touch sensitive, making it quicker and easier to navigate through menus and settings. It also makes it more intuitive to select your focus point, and the touch to shoot feature means you can take your shot with a tap of the screen.

Product image of EOS 90D

Movie Mode

“What really sets the 90D apart, and why I recommend it so highly, is its Movie function”

Stepping up from the 80D, the 90D now shoots video in 4K and slow motion in Full HD. The new iTR face and eye detection technology also offers superior autofocusing to ensure even moving subjects remain perfectly sharp in your videos. Combined, these enhanced features will make your movies feel even more cinematic, whether capturing your adventures or documenting precious moments with your loved ones.

Panning Assist

The 90D is the first ever EOS camera to be equipped with Canon’s innovative Panning Assist technology. This makes it easier than ever to shoot photos and videos that truly capture the feeling of speed and motion, while keeping your subject perfectly sharp. This powerful feature works by automatically selecting an optimal shutter speed based on the speed of your subject and panning movement. It can be used in Live View shooting and also during optical viewfinder shooting, giving you greater creative control and flexibility, whatever the scene.

“With the 80D still being one of Canon's most popular cameras, the 90D is sure to be an absolute crowd pleaser.”

Product image of EOS 90D

The 90D is an impressive continuation of this Canon series and worth the upgrade for photographers already shooting with the 80D. This is the perfect camera for photography and video enthusiasts looking for higher performance in the package of an easier-to-use DSLR.

Learn more about the EOS 90D here.