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Mirrorless Cameras

You'll love the outstanding features of these lightweight mirrorless cameras to help you master all aspects of your photography.
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What is a mirrorless camera?

Mirrorless cameras don’t contain a system of mirrors which can be found within DSLR cameras, meaning a smaller and lighter camera that doesn’t compromise on image quality. They are also much quieter than DSLR’s as there is no sound from the mirror slap. Some of our mirrorless cameras, such as the EOS R include a silent mode feature which allows the shutter to be completely disabled making the camera virtually silent. Our mirrorless cameras are the perfect choice if you’re focused on video shooting. Canon’s colour science means you’ll achieve the perfect balance of colours every time with minimal need for colour correction. You’ll also enjoy exceptional battery life, access to a huge range of lenses and Canon’s Dual Pixel AutoFocus which means your subject will always be in focus. Our EOS R and M50 features 4K video with a vari-angle LCD touch screen, making it a popular choice amongst vloggers.

Which lenses can I use with mirrorless cameras?

With our mirrorless cameras you can easily change your lens to change your story. Canon’s mirrorless cameras come with an extensive range of lightweight EF-M lenses which are specifically designed for the mirrorless system. With a Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS M you’ll also have access to Canon’s complete range of EF-S and EF lenses which are made for our DSLR systems. This includes specialist lenses such as macro, telephoto and fish eye. The EOS R mirrorless full frame system comes complete with a range of RF lenses. However, by using one of three EF-EOS R mount adapters, you can access over 80 EF-S and EF lenses.

Mirrorless vs DSLR

Both mirrorless and DSLR cameras from Canon will produce great image quality, though there are a number of differentiating features between these two types of cameras. The term ‘mirrorless camera’ is derived from the fact that the complex system of mirrors is removed, meaning a smaller and lighter camera in your hands without compromising on image quality. Additionally, like with DSLR’s, the mirrorless system allows the ability to swap between Canon’s extensive range of lenses.

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