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Canon Camera Connect App

Connect and control your camera with your phone over Wi-Fi easily
Connect and control your camera with your phone over Wi-Fi easily

Explore the features of the Canon Camera Connect App

Canon Camera Connect App
  • Connect smoothly and simply

    An Easy Connection Guide is included to help you easily set up wireless connections. All you need to do is pair your mobile device once and it will connect automatically from then on.

    Canon Camera Connect App
  • Wirelessly shoot for selfies and groups

    Shoot wirelessly from camera to app for easy selfies and groups. Control camera settings and shoot via smartphone for manual control, zoom and timer.

    Group Selfie with Canon Camera Connect App
  • Seamlessly transfer and share Images

    Browse your images remotely on your smartphone, then simply select and transfer your favourites to share your stories. Instantly sending photos to family and friends or uploading to your socials channels has never been easier.

  • GPS tagging

    Pinpoint your travels by collecting GPS from your smartphone to add to the photos and videos on your camera later.

Compatible Products
The Canon Camera Connect App is compatible with the following Wi-Fi enabled cameras
Canon Camera Connect App

Stay connected to your world with the Camera Connect App

Camera Connect App is your go to application when you want to wirelessly shoot and transfer photos via wi-fi to your favourite social media sharing platforms or mobile devices. It combines the original CameraWindow and EOS Remote applications.

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