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Get the Most Out of Your Gear
We take pride in everything we do, to make sure you get the most of your gear. Discover how we support you to learn the important details of how to use your camera.
**Excludes most business products (imageRUNNER & iR-ADV devices, Production Printers, Dream Labo), and business product accessories, including software solutions
***After 30 days original images are deleted unless they have been moved into long term storage.
Intuitive Design
Over 80 years of relentless commitment to create the best, most intuitive design in cameras and lenses.

Feels Good, Sounds Good.

From the first interaction, we want you to notice the small details that make our camera experience unique. Feeling that grip through your hands and hearing that distinctive shutter sound is unmistakable, it just feels good.

Canon DSLR Camera

Ease and Reliability

We've designed our cameras with you in mind: with intuitive button placement to get every shot, a vari-angle touch screen that follows you around and a weather sealing that will never let you down. These are just some of the details that makes our cameras so easy to use.

Canon DSLR Camera

Extensive Range

Small details make big differences: with over 80 lenses and an interchangeable lens system, you can have any lens to suit any camera body, regardless of whether it's a mirrorless or DSLR.

Canon DSLR Camera
A legacy of Innovation

RF Mount System

The EOS R system is born from Canon’s determination to create faster, sharper lenses for unrivaled detailed image quality. The RF lens mount allows flexibility to engineer lenses that were previously not possible.

RF Mount System

Fluorite Lenses

Canon's engineers never compromise on details to bring our customers the best experience possible. They found an innovative way to cultivate fluorite crystals, the world's leading material for optical equipment that can be found in the very best Canon lenses.

Fluorite Lenses
Choose the gear that's right for you