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NZ Safety Blackwoods: Automated Accounts Payable

1st September 2021

NZ Safety Blackwoods Credit and Accounts Payable Manager Gale Schutte talks about how they've been utilising Converga’s Automated Accounts Payable solution since 2010 to reduce costs, as well as improve efficiencies and accuracy in their AP workflows.

Gale has an extensive background in Finance and has utilised various Accounts Payable systems in the past. Gale endorses Converga’s solution as a key and seamless part of NZ Safety Blackwoods business with the solution working very well and meeting all of NZ Safety Blackwoods needs.

"Converga’s solution is well known in the finance world and it has allowed us to improve invoice processing times and gain greater visibility/transparency of the overall process, especially through the reporting provided."

In addition, it is important for us to be able to drill down on key data and manipulate as we need to, to meet our requirements.

Gale Schutte - Credit & AP Manager, NZ Safety Blackwoods

Converga’s Manila support team ensures that we do not have any issues with absenteeism or business continuity as this is all managed effectively by Converga, which is a key benefit for us. Converga’s solution is aligned to support our New Zealand business hours with any exceptions being processed and available at the beginning of each business day.

Converga’s Automated Accounts Payable system is easy to use and efficient with one specific example being able to drill down into the history, and copying GL codes as required to optimise the updating process. This has also allowed for greater consistency of GL coding across the business.

Converga’s is very responsive with a strong account management and support model in place. Positively, Converga was able to provide new starters in the team with extensive training on the system and supporting documentation which really helped and again comes into the excellent support Converga provides when we need it."

If your business could benefit from improved invoice processing speeds, better visibility and control over your expenses, get in touch with one of our experts.

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