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Feature Image by: Rach Stewart

Tips for better macro images

27th April 2018

Specially designed optics let you take sharp, extreme close-ups that give you a whole new perspective of the world. Here are a few tips to get the best results:

  1. Keep your camera really still. It helps to use a fast shutter speed, or even better use a tripod
  2. Depth of field (the in-focus part of your shot) is very small with a Macro lens. So stop down your aperture (e.g. go from f/2 to f/4) to have more of the image sharp.
  3. Remember not to block light from your subject when you’re up close – perhaps try a ringlight or speedlite.
  4. Using a longer focal length lens (eg EF 100mm Macro), allows you to be further away from your subject while still capturing all the detail.
  5. Remote shooting using the Canon Camera Connect App on your smartphone lets you photograph timid or aggressive subjects.

What is a Macro Lens

A Macro lens is specially designed optics that allows for a sharper shot. It provides extreme close-ups that give you a new window on the world.

What is a Macro Lens


Rach Stewart

Rachel Stewart is a kiwi landscape and adventure photographer based in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Inspired by landscapes and a love of travel, she likes to explore the unknown, and seek out the beauty created by the natural world.

Her passion to be with nature along with a love of art, adventure and exploring is what characterizes her photography. Long exposure photography is a style she loves and adds that point of difference when it comes to creating stand out images. Rachel loves being outdoors. She loves to hike and be with the mountains, but you will also find her surfing at the beach and spending summer by the ocean. Being able to capture these experiences on a camera is an added bonus.

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