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Privacy Notice

Collection and Use of your Personal Information

  • We’ve asked you to supply some information about yourself (such as your email address, your name, and/or other personal details) in order to sign up for one of our services, such as MyCanon, a subscription, a competition, etc. (the main purpose).
  • We may indicate that some of that information is mandatory, because without it we can’t fulfil the main purpose. Additional information is optional – if you choose to share it, it will help us to tailor our products, services and communications to better suit your needs.
  • We may combine the information you supply for the main purpose with other information we have or collect about you. For example:

    • We may have information about other transactions or interactions with you.

    • We collect information on an anonymous basis about how people use our digital properties (including websites, social media sites, apps and electronic communications) and third-party websites (digital interactions). We also gather on an anonymous basis metadata (such as camera details and geolocation data) attached to images shared with us (image metadata). When you supply information for the main purpose, we may link it with your past digital interactions data and past image metadata.

    • We may collect information about any of our future transactions and interactions with you.

    • We may collect your future digital interactions data and future image metadata.

    • We collect anonymous data from third party sources e.g. consumer analytic data from data aggregators. We may attribute some of that data to you based on the other information we have.

Other ways we use your information

As well as using the information you supply for the main purpose, we may use the combined information we have about you:
  • to understand our consumers and community better, to reach others like you or with similar interests to you (for example, through social media) and to deliver better products, services and communications; and
  • if you have opted in to receive direct marketing communications from us - to tailor those communications to better reflect your needs and interests. This includes tailoring our marketing communications with you on social media. We will always provide you with a way to opt out of any direct marketing from us or you can opt out by contacting our Privacy Officer

Usual disclosures/likely overseas disclosures

  • We need to share some personal information we hold with other businesses to enable them to help us with services like data storage, business processes, deliveries and so on. Some of those businesses are based in America, Europe, India, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines. We only disclose what is necessary for them to do their job, and they are contractually obliged to keep your details safe.

Further information

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for contact details and further information about our approach to privacy. Among other things, our Policy contains information about how you may make a privacy-related complaint and how we will handle such complaints.

Issued by: Canon New Zealand

Last updated: February 18th, 2022