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Create the perfect bedroom prints for your kids

It's so easy to give your kids a bedroom style that makes them smile (and you too). Celebrity stylist Jason Grant shares his ideas to help inspire you to create beautiful rooms for boys and girls with a print of a favourite image.

For the boys

Sometimes bigger is better for a great central feature.

Print your photos big enough to cover an entire wall. For example, I have set the tone in this room for inspiration and adventure but also to create a calm and restful sleep environment with this graphic but not overpowering image of a wave.

Just be sure to set your camera to high res (as high as possible) when you snap your shot to allow it to print to a larger size. If the image is too small your large print will end up pixellated.

For the girls

Every little girl deserves a pretty room.

The soft pink palate in the images of everyone’s favourite spring flowers – peonies – inspired us for this shoot. It shows how one simple idea can be the inspiration for a whole room and its look.

The simple white frames and a gallery style look add a slight sophistication, while pretty shades of pink in bed linen, a cute tutu and accessories complete the look. Best of all by using images and simple colours you can update the look any time you and your princess would like to.


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