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Wall art made easy

Stylist Jason Grant shares his best tips for an easy project creating your very own gallery style photo wall.

Some times getting started with a project is the hardest part. It takes time to build your confidence when decorating and finding your own style. I'm here to remind you that there is no rush. Start small as it is important to build your confidence gradually.

Preparation is key
Firstly, you need to collate your images. Get them off your camera and computer and on to your walls to appreciate how amazing they'll look. It's important to personalise your space so print them out and then select a variety of images that you connect with – remember this is your wall.

Select your frames 
There are many options but my biggest tip is to keep things simple and choose one colour or style of frame as this will give your wall a cohesive look.

Think about positioning
Choosing where to position frames (and how many) can be intimidating so always plan before nailing or screwing into the wall. A helpful tip is to cut out pieces of paper the same size as your frames and stick them on the wall with removable painters tape.

Try different combinations of frame positions and remember to step back and move things around until they feel right. This allows you to get it right before committing to a final layout.

Get ready to hang
Once you're happy with your positions, mark up where you need to attach hooks and attach either permanently or with removable hooks – the latter option allows you a little more freedom to change your mind. Then remove the paper, hang your frames, step back and style up the rest of your space.

My top tips for a spectacular but personal photo wall
1. Think about the style of gallery wall you wish to create – Pinterest is full of inspirational images of styles of gallery walls.
2. Preparation is key – measure, plan and think before you permanently hang a frame.
3. Remember your wall can evolve so add, subtract and rearrange when your mood takes hold.
4. Above a bed or sofa or a hallway is a great spot to create a gallery wall.
5. Think about your prints and let them tell a story – they don’t need to all be exactly the same but some link or theme is a good way to go.


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