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Print and display your travel photos at home

What better photos to print and display than photos from your favourite holidays.  Near or far we all love to travel, I know I certainly do - be it the USA, Europe, India or even somewhere closer for a weekend away.

It’s important to capture these moments to remember long after your trip.

A lot of people miss the next — and as important — step: print out your favourites and put them on display for feel good vibes.

travel photo display idea 1

My tip is always to print and display really big prints that help fill a wall — we printed these on foam core with a local printer/framer, but you could easily choose to print a canvas using Canon’s Photopico instead. 

travel photo display idea 2

Selecting your images is easy.  Trust your instincts and print your favourites, whichever ones speak to you. Here we were inspired by a favourite place — the beaches of Byron Bay (gotta love this place it’s like paradise), plus a hero shot of some horses our photographer spotted on one of her holidays, as well as a beautiful shot of purple sky.

We have displayed some of these images on the floor or on a mantle piece (such a great place to display an artwork and really make a statement a real hero spot if you have one). We also noticed a blank space in the hall so placed another favourite image here, so it's one of the first things we notice when we walk in the front door - great memories! 

travel photo display idea 3

travel photo display idea 4

  1. Print as big as possible to really make your favourite images stand out. Remember that you’ll need a good quality image from a camera to enlarge the image.
  2. Think outside the box — you don’t have to hang prints on the wall.
  3. Print what you love — it will always be in style and bring back great memories.
  4. Prints/art work don’t need to match the décor — avoid things being matchy-matchy. A great print can work in any space.
  5. Think about less likely places to hang your prints — hallways are always under-utilised and have heaps of wall space. They’re perfect for a big print, or even a gallery-style hang (that you can keep adding to). 

Easy Mantle piece styling

Not all your photos need to be printed and hung on the wall, especially if you’re renting (no need to nail or screw anything to the wall) — this is super easy!

All you need is a surface to place your prints on, so a mantle piece is the perfect place to get creative and put your photos on display. Style up your mantle piece (this also works on a sideboard, shelf or even a window sill) and create a feel-good display.

Print holiday snaps, photos of family and friends or inspirational images or quotes — make this display make you smile!

Print out your favourite photos from your camera or your phone to your Pixma printer (every home needs one of these).

Here’s my cheats guide to doing this in your home: 

  1. Select your spot your going to style up — its good to move things around so this is great as its not permanent.
  2. Print your photos and favourite things — think about a theme or colour palette or just print out what catches your eye, you can update your pictures in frames as often as you like!
  3. Pop them in frames Ikea, West Elm, Country Road, Freedom, Target and more all offer affordable off the shelf options — I recommend one style and similar colours, so either black, white or timber frames for a more uniform look. If you are a little more adventurous and quirky mix and match for a more eclectic look — there are no rules, so go with your instincts.
  4. Group your photos together in a cluster, vary these sizes of your prints, when grouping think about of creating a high point often a triangular shape helps to make the cluster work – feel free to move it all around until it feels right and don’t forget to add objects like books, candles or other trinkets.
  5. Update this and move it around as the mood strikes and add a vase of fresh flowers for an instant pick me up!

travel photo display idea 5

travel photo display idea 6

Looking for the perfect travel camera? Our travel cameras guide has all the info you need.

Styling and words by Jason Grant

Photography by Jacqui Turk