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Feature Image by: Rose Chang | @appoc

How To Catalogue Your Sneaker Collection with the Canon Selphy Square

Shoebox Labels

Being organised can be extremely frustrating but mastering it can be a helpful trait to have in life. Labelling things effectively allows us to quickly identify what we need or want. Canon Selphy Square QX10 can be utilized as a visual cue to help identify items with a quick glance. Turn picking outfits in the morning from a chore to an easy task by labelling outfits and shoes with styling inspiration.

Sneaker Collection Catalogue

Sneaker Journal

Selphy Squares are portable, convenient and easy to stick into your journals (every print has a peel-off back for adhesive prints. All you have to do is decide how you’d decorate or put these prints into your journal. Simply download the SELPHY app, take an image from your phone or camera, connect your device to the SELPHY app and press print! You can also edit your images within the app; change up the borders, add little drawings or dates to commemorate celebrations. As a sneaker collector, I like to record my sneaker collection journey with style and ease.

Mood boards with your sneakers

Collection Wall

You can easily spice up bland walls with SELPHY Square prints of your coveted sneaker collection. Selphy Squares’ minimalistic style can accent your plain walls, drawing attention with its simplicity and design. It can offer a peek into your sneaker collection, allowing you to express your collection with clarity and uniqueness. A wall decor of Selphy Squares of your sneakers shaped as a sneaker, why not?

Selphy Qx10 Sneaker prints

Sneaker Photo Frame

Photo frames and Canon Selphy Square QX10 go hand in hand. Try theming each of your photo frames, for example, you could have a photo frame dedicated to just a classic sneaker collection, another with all the same colourway, even a frame full of your favourites. Organise them in a uniform manner for a consistent look or mix things up for a bit of fun – it’s a great way to keep your category and collection up to date. It’s all up to you! Photo frames don’t have to be boring and stale, with Canon Selphy Square QX10 changing the vibe and theme is super easy.

Sneaker Pick’em

If you’re super indecisive and have trouble picking which sneaker to go with your outfit, try printing them off and matching them with different outfit ideas! You might be genuinely surprised by the random combinations you’d never think of trying otherwise. You don’t need to be limited by shoes; you could even try printing off different colours to mix up your colour palette in general! Print, flip and shuffle -- Let the random hand of fate decide for you as you slowly unveil each option. It’s easy to get creative with Canon Selphy Square QX10.

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