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Feature Image by: Rose Chang

A few tips and tricks on creating content on your own

Tips & tricks on creating content by yourself

If you are struggling with content creation on your own because you don’t have an Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend no stress, the Canon Camera Connect App can become those extra hands for you. I first discovered this app when I got my Canon G7X Mark III, and I am now using the app with the Canon M50 Mark II, our new vlogging camera in the market! As a beauty and lifestyle content creator, my photos often require me to be in the images. Instead of having my partner stand there like a tripod, helping me achieve the perfect shot *unwillingly sometimes, I would say this app has freed his hands from my camera *in a good way.

With the app, I am be able to co-ordinate the composition of my shots while being in the shot itself. It’s super easy to do, as the viewer is live so all adjustments can be tweaked in real time and set up a timer for those fancy poses.

Before I share a few extra tips and tricks, let’s touch on some of the specs of the new Canon M50 Mark II. This camera is lightweight, has 4k video capabilities and suited for travelling. Perfect for video creation, live streaming, and creating great content for your digital space. One of the main reasons for switching from the G7X Mark III to the M50 Mark II is that I could take my content creation to the next level - by ‘next level’, I’m referring to the ability to expand and explore new lenses such as macro, wide, portrait, etc.

Things to keep in mind

When I am creating content alone depending on the type of content I am creating, I find that there are a few things that will always come in handy:

• A tripod

• Microphone

• A plain background

• good lighting

It’s always a nice touch to use a mic as they can really help to cut out background noise that you don’t want to be picked up, especially if you are filming outdoors or in a public space. If you can’t find a plain background, you could always make your own backdrop – using a white sheet (classic), hang it onto to the wall, and it’ll work as a simple and easy backdrop! I personally love a plain backdrop when I am unsure of when it’ll fit into my feed because plain backdrops can fit in anytime and anywhere on my gram. Good lighting can really enhance your content, if your shots are dark or has (unintentional) high contrast, it can detract from the main subject/message of your content. You can achieve good lighting either by natural light (I always try to have sunlight face towards me rather than from behind me in my shots) or a good and strong light source such as a ring light. Ring light/any external lighting comes in handy when you don’t want the weather to dictate when you create!

Some more questions to ask yourself include:

• Will this be a reel, IGTV or tiktok?

• What time of day would be the best for natural lighting?

• What is the subject of my shot?

These are the kinds of questions that can help outline the scope and the necessary requirements of your content. It will also help to focus the task and stop us getting either lost or overwhelmed from our goals. When we break down the goals into bite-sized actions, you’ll easily create lots of high-quality content on your own. In saying all that having a great camera that can produce high resolution images plus images, flip screen to see yourself when vlogging and has an app that allows you to shoot on your own, can truly up your content game!

Here is an article that’ll teach you how to use the Camera Connect App if you need!