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Feature Image by: Judy

Beauty influencer Judy gives tips and tricks on our Canon M50 Mark II

Tips & tricks to get the product/flat lay photos

As a beauty content creator, product/flat lay photography has always been a big part of my feed as it is a great way to showcase a wide range of products in a beautiful way from a bird’s eye view. There are so many things that can come into play so I’m excited to share some of my favorite tips to help you get the best flat lay!

What you will need:

Depending on your concept and vision this will always differ but a few key things I always make sure to have are as follow:

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera 15-45mm Lens I have been using M50 for the past month now and it can produce 4k video footage and four times the image quality, it’s an amazing camera to get clear HD shots.
• Key Product (the product you would like to highlight)
• Backdrop (a simple white table could do, or you can get creative and use different fabrics -in my case I’m using a dress!)
• Decorative items (items that can bring relate to your key product, I like to keep these products monochromatic or contrasting. you could also bring in props like a mirror, fancy cups, flowers etc.)
• Good lighting (I like to shoot with natural lighting specifically in direct sun)

Setting up the shot

This is where you can get creative and play with your decorative items to center around your key product. I like to keep the key product in the middle of the frame and have different products in the background with different height to give dimension. What’s great about the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is that you can adjust the settings to making the background less or blurrier and this will give your final images more of a professional look. It can really take away any noise in the frame and focus on your key product!

Getting the shot

I personally like taking my photos on sunny days in direct sunlight for a couple of reasons. The direct natural lighting, of course free! Which means you don’t need to spend money on extra lighting, and I love the warmth cozy vibe it gives to the photos. You’re able to play around with reflection from mirrors or glass and even shadows as well. I would recommend taking lots of photos from different angles and to take as many as you can! This really helps when you are looking through the images in post-production as you have so many to choose from, there will definitely be the perfect shot/shots! Don’t forget, a slight change of angle can make such a big difference.

The outcome

Ta-da! Here we have the final images that came from our shoot. Now it’s time to import the images directly to our phone via the Canon Camera Connect app and start uploading! What’s great about shooting with the Canon EOS M50 Mark II is that there is not much to edit afterwards as most things you can adjust on the camera itself while shooting. Another really helpful feature is that, it allows you to shoot vertically, so if you were shooting a video you can upload it straight onto your phone via Canon connect app and the frame will be the perfect size for your smartphones!

"I love the quality of the photos and videos that’s created with this camera"

Judy, beauty Influencer & content creator