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Feature Image by: Jenny Gao - |Marie Valencia - @em_space

First-hand pro print experience Wintergarden

What are the differences between editing your images for print and editing your images for social media?

Usually when printing, the colours aren’t the same as what you see on computer screens. Prints come out usually darker and of course, the focus and sharpness of the image is magnified and details are more pronounced. For social media, editing your images usually means cropping it to the right size, the little squares that hold your story, and emphasising your style to stand out from the rest. For me, that means curating images to post, editing the palette to be just right and creating a good flow with my current feed. For a print, it can stand alone or be part of a set.

Having your work printed, has that impacted your photography in any way?

There is something so special about seeing your own photographs in print. They are little reminders of memories collected all around the world. Not only is it a beautiful experience but transforming these memories into a tangible, concrete form brings about a new perspective to them.

Can you talk us through the process of printing? *From editing -> choosing images-> Print.

It starts with curating and selecting the images that best tell your story. If choosing a selection for a specific purpose such as exhibiting or maybe putting into a photo book, I’ll ensure there’s a cohesive style or composition to the set. After selecting the best ones, each image undergoes it’s own editing process, keeping in mind the story or message across them all. Then, it goes through another round of editing, this time to accommodate the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 specifications. For example, bringing up the exposure to show the details, setting up the CMYK space for proper colour matching and of course, setting up the composition to fit the print size. Once that’s all done, we print!

The After Hours project explores the intimate, secret lives of the Wintergardens flowers at night - how do you think this is taken further by producing prints of your work/printing your work?

The images we captured for After Hours have a mix of mystery, stillness and vivid colours we wanted to really bring out. Printing the images really brought those out and especially seeing the details you wouldn’t normally notice on a laptop or computer screen - it almost brings you closer into the world we’ve tried to document. It also provides us with the foundation for future goals with the project, such as a possible exhibition or turning these into a photobook.

What were the main features you found printing with the PRO300 in comparison to outsourced printing? Advantages of printing at home vs. a digital photo printing company?

Printing at home gives you better control of the output + more technical skill and knowledge gained with trying to achieve what you envision with your prints. Having that experience can be crucial in your own creative process and ties you closer with your own project. The Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-300 has a really rich colour profile and I, personally, loved the borderless printing. The colours stand out much more compared to any outsourced printing I’ve used and it’s a very user-friendly printer - no hassle in setting it up or in the actual process of printing.

Why print photos in this digital age?

There is something so much more impactful about holding a photo in your hand instead of viewing it on a computer screen. It makes the memories so much more vivid, brings your art to life and is something you can treasure for years and years to come. In a world where everything is busy, fast and digital — always appreciate prints that take you back to beautiful moments!

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