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PowerShot PICK

You create, we'll follow
You create, we'll follow

You do you

The PowerShot PICK is your ultimate vlogging companion, built to assist you in creating your video content whether it be a cooking or make-up tutorial. Thanks to automatic tracking, the PowerShot PICK will make sure you're in frame while moving across the scene.

  • Voice controlled commands

    You can easily communicate with your PowerShot PICK via voice commands. You are able to ask the PICK to take a photo, start video recording, change your focus subject and stop automatic shooting.

  • Simple, portable design

    With a compact and light-weight design, the PowerShot PICK is designed to be easy to handle and travel with. Weighing in at approximately 170g, you can easily take it along to the skate park, to your friend's birthday party or on a holiday.

Tracking and Image Stabilization

The PowerShot PICK uses auto-subject searching based on face recognition, and will automatically adjust composition and shots. You can enable touch tracking when linked to your smartphone¹. PowerShot Pick also uses built in Image Stabilization to deliver sharp images and video when shooting hand-held.

  • Go live on webcam

    Free yourself to move around during your next online meeting with friends or for work. PowerShot PICK can be used as a webcam by connecting it wirelessly to your PC using the dedicated software².

  • Smartphone app

    Use your smartphone to control your PowerShot PICK and review your content with the Mini PTZ Connect app. The app can even do the hard work for you, recommending the best images and videos that you have shot.

¹ In order to use the smartphone connection to your PowerShot PICK, you will need to download the Mini PTZ Connect App from your relevant app store.

² You will need to install the WirelessWebcam Utility for MiniPTZcam. The PC and camera can only be used in the same network environment. The camera can only be connected to a 2.4 GHz network. If the network becomes unstable, the video may pause. Voice cannot be obtained with the camera. A microphone is required separately. Only available on Windows as of Oct 2021.

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