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Getting to know your PowerShot PICK

Setting up your new PowerShot Pick is easy with these top tips to ensure you’re ready and shooting your content in no time!

Canon Mini PTZ App

Thanks to the Canon Mini PTZ App, its easy to set up and control your new PowerShot Pick. You can download the app from the Apple iTunes store or Android Play store.

Once your phone is linked to the Pick, you will be able to set your camera to shoot images or videos automatically, control shooting frequency, search range, zoom range and prioritise who you would like the camera to track.

The app is also used as a remote, where you can manually control the videos and images you would like to capture.

Changing Camera Settings

If you would like to shoot video content for your social channels, The PowerShot Pick will be your best companion. Once you have connected the PowerShot Pick to your smartphone or device, you will need to change your settings by choosing the Camera symbol in your menu and switching the slider from ‘Photo’ to ‘Video’. Once you have done this, you can place your PowerShot Pick in the desired location and control the video functions and settings through your phone*. The Pick will automatically recognise and track people, and allow you to touch track when using the app. With the camera’s in built image stabilisation, you can rest assured and know that even when shooting hand-held, you will have smooth and sharp images and videos.

Tip: The default settings for video will be set to 4:3 however this can be changed easily in the camera settings, for a higher quality 16:9 video.

*The camera needs to be set to manual shooting, not automatic, if you wish to control the start/stop time of the video.

Hassle Free Playback

You can easily playback or delete any videos by connecting the Pick to your phone and viewing them in the ‘Playback’ menu. You can choose your best images and save them directly to your phone for quick and easy sharing on socials.

New Firmware Update

A new firmware update was released on 23rd March 2022. The update will enable a release function to be assigned to the Communications button, allowing you to shoot manually with the camera alone without the need for a smartphone connection. A short press of the Communications Button will take a still shot and a long press will start recording a video. This feature will need to be activated in the settings.

The update also brings some improvements to the app usability including faster loading and display of thumbnail images and improved pan tilt operability for remote shooting.

Find the new firmware update here.