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What we really need is technology that’s forgettable

New technology surfaces every day, gripping our attention and bringing excitement to our lives. Despite this trend, the best forms of technology are actually the ones that we forget.

The technology boom over the last decade shows no signs of slowing down, so we can expect a multitude of innovative products, both hardware and software, to continue finding places in our lives.

Nonetheless, as these new forms of technology become commonplace, it’s important to note that not all of them are created equal. For every intelligent virtual assistant or handy smart watch, there is an operating system with a disorienting user interface or pricey wireless earbuds that fit poorly.

These seemingly endless possibilities surrounding technology ironically lead us to realise that the best forms are sometimes the most forgettable ones. It’s only with the abundance of options that we’re able to discern what truly improves day-to-day living – technology that does exactly what it’s expected to when it’s expected to, working so well that we find ourselves using it without a second thought.

Unfortunately, the office printer is one piece of technology that rarely falls into the above category. It seems to run out of toner just as you’re rushing out a time-sensitive proposal, or could end up being a financial burden due to servicing or ink cartridges. Situations like these leads to distress rather than peace of mind.

What could turn a printing nightmare into a “forgettable” concern is technology that comes packaged in the form of a solution. A managed print service option like Canon’s Easy Print Plan supports you in allocating a pre-determined budget toward your printing needs, in exchange for a leading device and enough ink or toner cartridges to meet exactly that. On top of this, downtime will become a notion of the past, with the Canon team remotely monitoring and optimising your printer’s performance, dealing with any potential issues or ink shortages before they materialise.

Once these familiar pain points are taken care of, there’s likely to be improved productivity and your people will be free to handle more pressing issues, instead of managing printer performance. When you’re ready to scale up your business, you can simply expand the print plan accordingly and assemble a fleet from the latest models, with the same amount of support promised to each device.

On a whole, partnering with a managed print service provider like Canon equips you with experience and expertise, taking away the mental and financial burden often associated with managing office printers, and replacing these with the assurance that your printer is finally ready to do exactly what you need it to.

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