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Canon proud Digital Technology provider for Big Street Bikers

11th June 2020

Christchurch is leading the way as the first city in New Zealand to receive new smart-city, secure bike parking infrastructure called Locky Docks. Where any bike, e-bike or scooter can lock, dock and recharge for free.

Ten Locky Docks—lock, dock and charge stations—will be placed within the Four Aves signalling Christchurch’s lead on the innovative new infrastructure model, developed by New Zealand company Big Street Bikers.

The Locky Docks offer locals a secure parking solution that allows people to lock their e-bikes or conventional bikes in convenient locations, without the need for a bike lock and provides cycling route maps. The system operates on an BYOD (bring your own charging device) set up.

“We’ve hand picked leading technology and put it together in a new way to create a self-sustaining model - providing smart city infrastructure for healthy transport, that's free to the public, the city and regional councils”Cleve Cameron, co-founder of Big Street Bikers.

Canon New Zealand, the first Canon company globally to become Toitū net carbonzero certified, is the digital technology provider for Big Street Bikers. Committed to a low carbon future, Canon are proud to be working with Big Street Bikers on this initiative that will provide everyday Kiwis with an easier, cheaper and smarter way to get around. One that causes less pollution and takes the headache out of finding a park.

Safe cycle routes in each city are displayed on the Locky Dock screens. The docks are free for users due to revenue from advertising displayed alongside cycle maps and information. Locating Locky Docks near destinations, such as cafes, workplaces, supermarkets and public amenities, with convenience in mind increases accessibility for people on bikes and makes it part of people’s daily lives.

Cameron says, “Two main barriers to car commuters switching to e.biking are safety and security. The cost of e-bikes is also prohibitive for many. Our model works by first providing free-to-use locking infrastructure in the main metropolitan areas. The digital screens on the docks provide safe bike path maps to complement the service, thanks to Waka Kotahi (NZTA), and Big Street Bikers support this with affordable ways for people to ride-to-own their own e-bike.”

Locky Dock electric bike station
New Zealand's first Locky Dock station, in Christchurch.

The bike parking network in Christchurch will be complemented by the first Rechargery, a solar powered charging station, to be located at 228 Tuam St. This locally owned and operated element, a part of the Aotearoa Biker Co-op, helps to lower barriers to purchasing e-bikes by delivering a ride-to-own model similar to purchasing a mobile phone.

At the Rechargery locals will then be able to take advantage of the ride-to-own scheme, service their e-bike and find out more information. Christchurch people can sign up to find out more about this scheme at: "

The New Zealand Transport Agency Waka Kotahi are supporting bike path maps for cyclists on the Locky Dock digital screens for the Christchurch network. They are also providing funding for research into the use and engagement and effect of these Locky Docks in the city, research which will be used as a model to repeat around the country.

In Wellington Big Street Bikers await consent from Wellington City Council for a series of Locky Docks around the central city, including the Regional Hospital and Victoria University’s Kelburn and Pipitea Campuses. Big Street Bikers is also working with the Council on a series of sites on council-owned land that will allow a substantial network of Locky Docks for the capital in time for spring.

The infrastructure is a public/private partnership with Mercury as the foundation partner. Christchurch City Council has contributed via the Council Innovation & Sustainability Fund. The project also has enthusiastic support from local community groups Life in Vacant Spaces, Gap Filler and local property owners.

The Locky What?

LOCKY DOCKS - are free to use lock, dock and charge services. They provide secure parking and charging docks in convenient central city locations. They use the latest in European technology and work for any bike, e-bike or scooter and have information about safe cycling routes around each location.

Using Bikeep technology from Europe, the reinforced steel, magnetised docks report zero thefts in over 1 million instances of parking throughout Europe and North America. It’s secure parking to give e-bike owners confidence and convenience.

The public broadcasting and advertising media screens, included with most Locky Docks, subsidises the costs so that they are free to both the public and property owners. This is a world leading innovation and essential infrastructure for making healthy transport accessible, affordable for everyday kiwis.

Based on commercial grade display screen technology and designed for uninterrupted use, Canon's digital signage solution proved to be the perfect fit to continuously deliver support and advertising at the bike stations.

Download the app

To find out more about Locky Dock and Bike Street Bikes, and to download the required app required, please visit:

Locky Dock Locations in Christchurch:
163 and 180 High St
70 Kilmore St
110 and 192 Cashel St
228 Tuam St
662 Colombo St
301 Montreal St
The Earl - 132 Lichfield St
The Casino – 357 Durham St North
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