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Digital Signage

Deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time. Effective communication is one of the primary benefits of digital signage. It is an interactive gateway that allows businesses to communicate directly with customers and engage new audiences, or for education providers to effectively reach students, staff and the wider community.

Benefits Of Digital Signage

Today’s world changes quickly. With digital signage from Canon you’re ready to respond in an instant. Simply update and manage your signage at the touch of a button. There are many benefits of a digital signage solution from Canon.

  • Consistent And Performant Messaging

    Create, schedule and play content across multiple screens and sites from one location. Run the same or different content on each display to suit your needs. Ensure your messaging is consistent or localise your content to suit your audience.

  • Engage Better With Your Audience

    Capture the attention of your customers with content that relates to them. Tailor your messaging based on the day, a specific location or even the weather to provide more targeted messaging and get maximum impact.

  • Captivating Media Mix

    Images, video, animation and messaging. Digital signage provides an amazing opportunity to display unlimited amounts of content. With active and visually appealing digital content, you draw attention and increase the impact of your messaging.

  • Easily Update Your Content

    From retail advertising to employee communications, change your content in real time so that your message is seen when it matters most and no opportunity is missed. Powerful CMS allow you to control and update content from anywhere, anytime.

Any content you display on your digital signage has upwards of 90% relevance to your audience, compared to other broadcast advertisements

About Display Panels
  • Any Size

    Digital Displays can come in any size, from 10” right up to many square meters of video wall or LED.

  • Designed To Last

    Commercial grade digital display screens are designed to run 24/7 over the life of the product, whilst the power saving features enable operating cost benefits over non-commercial alternatives.

  • Indoor Or Outdoor

    LED technology is designed to be used in a wide variety of environments, for both indoor and outdoor solutions. They are much brighter than display panels so as to be clearly visible in areas of high ambient light.

  • Professional Quality Image

    Digital signage helps to project a professional image of your business while enabling a livelier atmosphere. Stand out from the competition and reach prospective customers effectively.

Gain Control Over Your Content
  • Update From Anywhere Anytime

    Cloud-based CMS with affordable license makes it easy to update content from anywhere, anytime; to follow your campaign calendar, updating your digital signage in line.

  • Schedule Your Content

    Schedule your content ahead of time right down to the minute and for different times of day - from one off ads to long-running marketing campaigns.

  • Powerful Layouts and Overlays

    Intuitive design with super easy ‘drag and drop’ media playlist management means so you can create and update content quickly and simply.

  • Fast Response Real Time Updates

    Turn an idea into a professionally displayed message as quickly as you can design it. Tailor your message to each situation and deploy it instantly to significantly increases relevance and engagement

Discover Fusion Signage

Fusion Signage is an Australian-built Content Management System for digital signage, allowing complete control over your content from anywhere, anytime. It's the CMS for those who want something that is easy to use, affordable and with the flexibility to suit you and your business. Compatible with almost any commercial screen or device, Fusion Signage is making digital signage smart.

Case Studies

Retail, education, healthcare, restauration, public services, event venues. Digital signage is applicable too many industry and Canon can provide relevant and effective solutions to cater to your needs.

Digital Signage For Education

Streamline communication and engage with your students, staff, parents and wider community through outdoor and indoor digital signage.