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Canon New Zealand and Australia announces “Canon Champions”

28th October 2021

Expanding its imaging community across New Zealand and Australia, Canon launches a tiered advocacy program encompassing Masters, Ambassadors and Creators

Canon Masters and Ambassadors

Row 1, left to right: Canon Masters – Richard I’Anson, Sean Scott, Darren Jew, Tania Niwa
Row 1, left to right: Canon Masters – Phil Hillyard, Jackie Rankin, Daniel Linnet, Emily Abay
Row 1, left to right: Canon Masters – Kelly Brown, Mike Langford, Virginia Woolf, Dave May
Row 1, left to right: Canon Masters – Paul Blackmore, Sacha Stejko, Mark Horsburgh & Canon Ambassador Alisha Lovrich
Row 1, left to right: Canon Ambassadors – Jarrad Seng, Bonnie Cee, James Simmons, Kate Cornish

Auckland, New Zealand – 28 October 2021: Canon New Zealand and Australia today announces Canon Champions, talented image-makers chosen to represent the brand, who stand by Canon’s products to help bring their creative vision to life.

Designed to inspire and support industry professionals and the next generation of content creators, Canon Champions recognise three skill levels: Masters, Ambassadors and Creators. To help galvanise professionals to achieve more in their field, Canon selected 15 Masters from across the region, all of which are world class image creators who have perfected their craft and offer vision, insight, and experience. The five Ambassadors are innovative creatives who Canon believes will encourage upcoming image-makers to hone their skills. Canon also works closely with Canon Creators, skilled content makers and creators who and embrace the versatility of the gear to champion creativity and engage diverse online audiences.

Canon Master, Sacha Stejko, is an Advertising photographer who has become known for beautifully observed, energetic portraits that delve deep into the stories of her characters. Taking the time to get to know her subjects, she uses personal insight to capture the colour of their stories through body language and atmospherics.

Speaking of her experience using Canon gear, Sacha Stejko says, “I love using Canon equipment. The way it replicates colour and captures light is incredible. My EOS R5 makes capturing movement a dream, with an autofocus so intuitive it lets me work smoothly, even when I have a lot to capture on set. Sacha continues, I am thrilled to become a Canon Master and I look forward to working closely with the brand to help inspire other professionals to reach new heights with their photography.”

The Master’s program kicks off with Emily Abay, Phil Hillyard and Mark Horsburgh road-testing the newly announced EOS R3 with their first impressions and content going live next month.

New Zealand’s Masters include Landscape, Art & Creative photographer, Jackie Ranken; Landscape & Travel photographer, Mike Langford; Advertising Photographer, Sacha Stejko and Press & Storyteller, Virginia WoolfAustralian Masters include: Portrait and Newborn photographer, Kelly Brown; Nature photographer, Darren Jew; Documentary Travel photographer, Richard I’Anson, Sports and Portrait photographer, Phil Hillyard; Motorsport photographer, Mark Horsburgh; Commercial Photographer, Daniel Linnet; Travel & Landscape photographer, Sean Scott; Cinematographer Dave May; Fashion & Editorial photographer, Emily Abay; Landscape & Editorial photographer, Paul Blackmore and Australia and New Zealand Commercial, Portrait & Fine Art photographer, Tania Niwa.

New Zealand’s Alisha Lovrich and Australia’s Bonnie Cee will join Canon Ambassadors Jarrad Seng, Kate Cornish, and James Simmons, three talented Australian photographers and videographers announced earlier this year. All five Ambassadors are currently collaborating with Canon on developing their own unique passion projects which will be released over the coming year, kicking off with an incredibly moving and thought-provoking body of work produced by Jarrad Seng.

The imaging work of these Ambassadors couldn’t be more diverse, yet they all have two things in common – their pursuit of personal truth, and their choice to use Canon products to unleash it.

Combining experience in competitive sport, with a finely-honed appreciation of graphic arts, Kiwi commercial photographer Alisha Lovrich knows first-hand the visceral emotions she strives to capture in her work.

Commenting on becoming a Canon Ambassador, Alisha Lovrich says, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Canon and work with them on my upcoming project. Working with Canon gear is more than just about the products, it’s the overall experience and support you receive that makes a difference professionally. I recall in 2017 I took my Canon kit to the World Athletics Championships in London, where I discovered the advantages of Canon Professional Services. I was able to get my entire kit serviced on the ground with a quick turnaround, which just blew my mind.”

Kim Conner, Chief Executive – Canon New Zealand says: “We are thrilled to announce our new Masters and Ambassadors who, along with Creators, form our Canon Champions advocacy program. Canon created the program to support our industry professionals and the next generation of content creators. Our Canon Champions represent a variety of skill level and some of New Zealand and Australia’s most talented image-makers. We are champions of their work too and collaborate with them on product campaigns and passion projects to help them reach an even wider audience and they solely trust our products to bring their creative to life. Collectively we hope to inspire content creators to take their creative journey to the next level.”

For more information on the Canon Champions visit: Canon Champions

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