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  • Card Scanning icon

    Card scanning

    You can scan plain plastic cards and embossed cards* (e.g., credit cards) alike, and even scan mixed document batches that contain both cards and paper documents. * Up to three plain cards can be scanned at one time. Embossed cards must be scanned one at a time.

  • media variety icon

    Convenient scanning options

    Thanks to the U-Turn path, you can feed and eject documents from the front of the scanner. Use the straight path to scan cards, thick documents or fragile documents without bending them.

  • easy maintenance  icon

    Easily maintained

    Everything can be accessed from the front of the scanner through the wide opening panels. Consumables such as the feed roller and retard roller are easy to replace.

  • small device big performance icon

    Impressively small body

    The imageFORMULA DR-M140's slim design is unintrusive, fitting into narrow spaces and counter tops, or easily store it in a drawer when not in use.

  • Advanced image processing icon

    Smart colour detection

    The Automatic Colour Detection feature automatically identifies whether a document should be saved in colour, greyscale or B&W, so you no longer have to separate documents by type.

  • double feed detection icon

    Versatile document feed

    The clever separation mechanism allows you to scan a different document sizes and weights at the same time, while the Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection sorts out misfeeds.

imageFORMULA DR-M140
  • Feed Capacity

    50 Sheets

  • Image Speed

    800ipm (A4 duplex/colour/portrait)

  • Max Paper Size


  • MEAP


  • Scan Speed

    40ppm (A4 Colour)

  • Scanning Resolutiion


  • Wireless


A versatile scanner for digitising mixed media, size and weights

Canon’s DR-M140 transforms business workflows with a cost effective solution for accurate, fast digitising of materials that range from paper documents through to plain and embossed plastic cards. This user friendly scanner comes at an affordable price for growing businesses yet it’s loaded with features to reduce admin and automatically achieve clear, crisp scans for sharing and storing. The compact DR-M140 scans different document sizes and weights at the same time with outstanding quality and without damaging the originals. Colour documents are scanned at speeds of up to 80ipm. Fully supported by Canon, it is designed for in-house maintenance with easy accessibility for replacing consumables.

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Discover our managed document scanning solution

Give us your documents, packed up in archive boxes, and we’ll scan, digitise and file them making them text searchable, before returning, storing or securely discarding all the hard files. What’s more, we’ll index them to make retrieval effortless. What have you got to lose?