An all-round hard worker that just keeps going

Don’t let it’s petite size fool you. Canon’ versatile C256i II / C356i II will quickly become the hub of your workplace, enabling individuals to access and share documents, interact and work with maximum efficiency using cloud, mobile and highly secure software solutions… all this with cost savings too.

  • Your smart A4 printer that never misses a beat

    Achieve new heights of professionalism when you generate amazing quality prints that boast superior colour and finishes.

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  • A team player that works well from the get-go

    Equipping a small office or providing workgroups with dedicated printing? The C256i II / C356i II is compact, affordable and easily integrates into your workflow.

  • A small player that gets big results

    Take control from a wide LCD screen, minimise manual colour enhancement with V2 Colour and get professional finishing fast with auto-stapling.

  • Everything you need, even the savings

    What more could you ask for? Your multifunction C256i/C356i has auto duplex, auto-stapling, B/W controls… plus the power to track, manage and restrict usage.

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    Knows who you are

    Always know your devices are secure thanks to Canon’s Online Express software. No-one gets access until they log on using a PIN code, card login and/or a combination of both.

  • Let your IT guys breathe a sigh of relief

    With software that easily integrates into your existing workflow and streamlined access to the Cloud for sharing, your IT will thank you every day.

  • In the cloud and ready to go

    With your software configuration automatically managed in the cloud, there’s no need to worry about purchasing, maintaining or managing your own expensive local servers.

  • No need to fret about security

    Keep sensitive information from prying eyes with advanced safety features, like password protection, HDD data erase, encryption and scan restrictions.

  • On a mission to protect the environment

    Your C256i/C356i’s made from recycled materials and bio-plastic, uses less than 1w in sleep mode and boasts a top Typical Electricity Consumption rating.

  • Working with you, wherever you are

    With freedom to work more flexibly and print from phones, internet connected devices or cloud-based services, the C256i/C356i boosts all-day productivity.