The ideal printer for architecture, engineering or mapping

Bring your CAD drawings to life in A0 with pinpoint detail

Whether you're an architect, engineer or work in construction or in government, you want to get your ideas across clearly. And sometimes close enough isn't good enough. That's why you want the iPF785MFP on your team. A large format printer you can trust to reproduce CAD drawings, plots, schematics, designs and geographical plans at up to A0 size.

  • A pleasure to work with

    The IPF785MFP is very simple to use with its large touchscreen and simple interface with optional keyboard and mouse.

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  • Get water resistant with Pigment Matte Black ink

    The Pigment Matte Black ink tank gives you water resistant black lines. A feature which is usually only available through more expensive printers.

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Meet deadlines, minus the stress

Waiting for a print adds unwanted pressure when deadlines are looming. As an engineer or architect, missing a deadline means potentially lost revenue. The iPF785MFP allows you to professionally print plots, edit on the go and re-print quickly if you spot a mistake.

  • The team player

    Why should you change to suit your printer? imagePROGRAF gives the iPF785MFP a range of tools that put more control at your fingertips.

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  • Remove trial and error.

    No more working blind. With live edit and preview you can crop, deskew and make last minute adjustments before saving or printing.

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  • Work smart with imagePROGRAF MFP features

    Is your plotter everything you need? Explore the features that make the iPF785 MFP a multitalented wide format workhorse for your business.

  • Print scan at same time icon

    Multitasking at its best. Print and scan at the same time

    Why stick to doing one task, when you can tackle both at the same time? Improve your productivity and scan while you print large format graphics - simultaneously.

  • Scan on fragile paper icon

    It's in the precision

    If you've ever tried to scan fragile paper, you will understand the frustration. SingleSensor technology and one large roller will let you scan even the most delicate paper, with ease.

  • The true all rounder icon

    The true all-rounder

    We've thought of everything. All MFP models come with their own computer to act as the brains of the operation. No extra cost, no surprises.

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