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Feature Image by: Jordan Shallcrass

How my Canon MegaTank printer helps me as a Primary School Teacher

Am I a Pinterest teacher? No. Not in the slightest. Do I love to add something special to my classroom to make it exciting and engaging? Absolutely! Recently, I had to replace my printer. I love having a printer in my home and living a 20 minutes drive from school it can be difficult during the holidays or weekends when I want to print something. What I didn’t love about a printer are the costs that came with it. It’s always at the wrong time when you run out of ink and the replacement cartridges costs can add up! This time around, I did some research and I learnt about the Canon MegaTank printers.

Not only do they provide high-quality printing but instead of 400-500 pages per cartridge they are capable of printing up to 6,000 in black and white, and up to 7,700 pages in colour1. Plus when you have a limit on colour printing at work it’s great to have a low-cost option at home for those things you want to print and use in your classroom.

Here are three creative ways I use my Canon MegaTank printer for my classroom:

Teaching with a Canon MegaTank printer with Jordan Shallcrass


Using printable sticker paper I can design my own custom stickers for my students and cut them out with scissors or my Cricut®. Custom stickers add excitement into learning time. I’ve made school values stickers, stickers to label all of my books in the classroom library and stickers to hand out to children. Next on my list is golden tickets to use for amazing work while we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The options for custom stickers are endless with printable sticker paper and your Canon MegaTank printer!

Teaching with a Canon MegaTank printer with Jordan Shallcrass


It’s always when I am low on the printing budget when there is something I need (or want) to print for a display. Thanks to my printer I can print displays quickly and of high quality like my 'I Am A Scientist' display. The posters are bright and exciting. You can’t even tell they are from an affordable home printer rather than a commercial printer. You don’t need to laminate to make your displays stand out either. I print straight onto card for long-lasting displays without wasting lamination sheets.

Teaching with a Canon MegaTank printer with Jordan Shallcrass


I love creating resources I can use over and over. Something that I always struggle with is keeping multiple sets of the same resources together. With my Canon MegaTank printer, I printed the resources on one side of the paper. Then I flipped the paper over and printed a design on the back. This way each set of the resources is a different pattern keeping them together and preventing them from getting muddled up. The only thing that would make this printer any more perfect is if it did the cutting out for me too!

Teaching with a Canon MegaTank printer with Jordan Shallcrass

A Canon MegaTank printer has been my best investment of 2021. It’s a must-have tool for my home office as a teacher.

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1 Approx. yields are based on Canon original method using test patterns ISO/IEC 24712 (Colour chart). The estimated page yields are determined not based on the initial set of bundled ink bottles, but based on subsequent sets of ink bottles after print head nozzles have been filled with ink from the initial set of ink bottles. Black and colour page yields are not to be combined. Page yield varies significantly depending on contents printed and other factors

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