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MegaTank. Mega Value Ink Tank Printers

MegaTank continuous refillable ink printers offer you convenient and cost-effective printing. Designed with refillable ink tanks that last longer, you'll be sure to save money on ink.
What are MegaTank printers?
  • Printing You Can Depend On

    Enjoy high-quality and low-cost printing with a MegaTank continuous ink printer. MegaTank inks last for months or even years to come and won't run out on you when you need it most.

  • Easily Refillable Ink Tanks

    MegaTank printers feature integrated ink tanks that are clearly visible, making it easy to know when they need refilling. Quickly and easily top up your tanks yourself with no fuss or mess using Canon's continuous ink bottles.

  • Reduce Waste

    With significantly higher page yields and less frequent ink purchases compared to standard ink cartridges, MegaTank continuous ink bottles reduce the amount of packaging waste that goes into landfill.

  • 24 Month Warranty

    We obsess about the details in every aspect of our products, and that's why we are confident to offer a 24 month local warranty for MegaTank Printers when purchased at an authorised New Zealand reseller. For full warranty terms visit

MegaTank - How It Works