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Discover the advantages of your EOS DSLR built-in pop-up flash

When you want to take pictures in dark or dimly lit locations indoors or at night, your EOS DSLR camera will sense there's not enough light and either automatically pop up the flash or indicate in the viewfinder that you might want to use it.

This flash will also automatically give you a beautifully exposed picture too. This handy flash is:

Great for close-ups

As it is quite a small flash, the built-in pop-up flash works best for subjects reasonably close to the camera up to three or four metres away.

Front-lighting your subjects

The built-in pop-up flash only points straight ahead, which means you only front light your subjects. This is great for fill flash, but be aware that sometimes in interior spaces, you’ll get shadows on the wall behind your subject and 'fall-off', which is where the space behind your subject looks darker.

Perfect for taking portraits in bright light scenarios

Using flash when there is already a lot of light is a smart technique called 'fill flash'. It can dramatically improve the look of your pictures, especially if you're shooting outside on a bright sunny day when there are strong shadows on your subject's face, if they're wearing a hat with strong shadows casting on their face, or if they’re back-lit. In these types of scenarios, a little burst of flash to lighten or fill in those shadows will really make your pictures really come alive – it's a technique often used by professional photographers.

Once you've mastered the benefits of the built-in pop-up flash, why not take more creative control over your images and learn to use light to make some dramatic statements in your photographs. This is where the Canon Speedlite flash becomes an essential item in your kit.

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