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Feature Image by: Harshpreet Kaur | @raukph

Showcase flower bunting with the Selphy Square Prints

DIY dried flower test tubes and photo bunting.

Dried flowers and cute photos always make lovely decor pieces. This DIY tutorial will teach you how to combine both! By creating cute bunting which you can use all year round as a decor piece in your room or as a party decoration.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Canon Selphy Square QX10
  • Photo paper
  • Twine
  • Test tubes
  • Dried flowers (x3 types)
  • Wooden pegs – Scissors
  • Thumb Pins/Picture hooks of your choice

Step 1

Prepare your mini test tubes by adding a few pieces of your favourite dried flowers. Add a few small bits into your test tubes and close off the tube using its cork. If you’d like to make your own dried flowers - here’s a tutorial within a tutorial. Group your flowers into bunches and tie them up using the same twine. Then hang them upside down from your ceiling.

Step 2

Leave around 30 cm of some twine (for hanging purposes), wind the twine around the neck of your test tube and tie a knot to secure the tube in place. Repeat this process for the rest of the tubes ensuring you leave approx. 30cm (change this value to accommodate however long you’d like your bunting to be) space between each test tube - this will act as a placeholder for our images.

Step 3

Print off your favourite photos using the Canon Selphy Square QX10. You can even try and follow a colour scheme for this step to match the style of your room or backdrop! I added pics of plants and matcha as well since I’m so obsessed with both!

Step 4

Attach your images to the placeholders we left in step 2 using the wooden pegs. The wooden pegs I bought were a bit too small for the purpose, so I’d recommend something a wee bit thicker as they’re probably more durable overtime.

Step 5

Use picture hooks/thumb pins to hang up your bunting, and that’s it! You’re sorted! This also makes for a cute birthday present if you were short on time, because who doesn’t love a personalised bunting, or personalised anything really!

Flower bunting

Photo Credit: Harshpreet Kaur | @raukph

Here are some more Selphy Square inspiration by Harshpreet

Flower bunting

Photo Credit: Harshpreet Kaur | @raukph

Flower bunting

Photo Credit: Harshpreet Kaur | @raukph

Photo Credit: Harshpreet Kaur | @raukph

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