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Feature Image by: Jordan Cantelo

59 Quick and Easy Photography Tips

Ready to give your photography skills a boost? We asked the Canon community to share their practical advice on taking better photos. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced shooter looking for new ideas, these quick and easy photography tips will help you get more out of each and every shoot.

Hone Your Skills and Develop Your Own Style

1. Shoot every single day, even if you don’t leave your house. –

2. Photograph what you love, not what you think others will love. – Heathholdenphoto

3. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Follow your eye and shoot the world in your own unique way. – Joe257_photos

4. Join a camera club and/or try to make friends with other photographers. – Ewanarnoldaphoto

5. Never try and force the moment. If it’s there, you will capture it. – FlowCreator

Image by Community Member, Josh Coulter
Image by Community Member, Josh Coulter

6. Never give up and always be patient. Persistence is everything when it comes to great photography. – Myannawedes

7. Collaborate with other creatives to improve your images. There’s nothing wrong with admitting you can learn from others. – Samcousinsphotography

8. Take as many photos as you can, as often as you can, and try to learn from every shot. – Oikonomou.nikos

9. Keep a keen eye on your focus. Sometimes you only get one chance to get the shot. – Bounce_light

10. Shoot bracketed images when the light conditions are changing frequently. – Hightidehuts

11. Enjoy the moment with your eyes first and the joy will translate into your photo. – Vitaminimalist

12. Research and plan new destinations before committing. –

13. Don’t discard creative ideas that you haven’t tried yet. – Finnflix

14. Always look behind you! You never know what amazing things you might be missing just because you’re facing the wrong way. – Chrishooleyphotos

Image by Community Member, Chris Hooley
Image by Community Member, Chris Hooley

15. Take a bag on photo shoots that you can fill with stones if you need to weigh down your tripod. – Michaelpaphotos

16. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things! There’s always the delete button if your ideas don’t turn out right. – Thepotaito

17. Be unapologetic about your style. Photography is an art and there are no rules. – Hatton511

18. Work hard and learn the art of patience. – Stockwell_darren

19. Learn what the histogram shows you and don’t rely solely on what you see on the back of the screen. –

20. Use the rubber piece of your strap as a cover for the viewfinder when taking long exposures. – Thejordanhall

21. Don’t compare your photos to other people’s. Only compare them to images you’ve already made yourself. – Stephenfinkel

22. Be persistent and don’t be afraid to ask others for help and guidance. – Jordancantelo

Image by Community Member, Jordan Cantelo
Image by Community Member, Jordan Cantelo

Camera Gear Tips

23. Invest in lenses that you like shooting with and work out what focal lengths work best for your shooting style. – Spencerglew

24. Always carry a spare SD Card in your camera bag or something you won’t forget to bring (such as your jacket). – Sophia_pouncey

25. Remember to clean your lenses before you start shooting. – Harry_gaston1

26. Write your contact details on a piece of paper and take a photo of it each time you insert a fresh memory card. If you misplace your camera, you might just get it back if the person who finds it knows how to contact you. – Stephenfinkel

27. Always double check that you have your tripod head as well as your actual tripod. – Opal858

28. If you don’t have an ND filter or polariser filter, use your sunnies instead. – Reilytong

29. Never underestimate the camera you already have—photography is not about having the latest gear. – Zdefs

Image by Community Member @zdefs
Image by Community Member @zdefs

30. Always, always carry spare batteries! You don’t want to miss a special moment just because you’ve run out of power. – Michael__southam

31. Whatever style of photography you’re into, wide angle lenses are a must. – Sagar_reddy02

Photography Composition Tips

32. Find leading lines that can help draw your viewers’ eyes into your photos. – Teresa_severson_photography

33. Learn how to use the rule of thirds. – Snapped_by_fin

34. Try multiple angles when shooting your subject and don’t be afraid to push the technical limits of your work. – Joshuaprietonphotography

35. Always consider the background of your image. It’s just as important as your subject. – Tnttravels

36. Try not to rush when composing your shots. – Built_cf_tough

37. To show scale in your images, use the widest lens you have and place your subject in the distance. – Kieran Tunbridge

Image by Community Member, Kieran Tunbridge
Image by Community Member, Kieran Tunbridge

38. Keep your images as simple as possible and include as few elements as possible. – Chrisjansenimages

39. Always check and recheck your composition before taking a long exposure shot. – Framesbydan

40. Don’t always look at the ‘big picture’—zoom in and think macro too. – Andre.gh_photography

41. Shoot with an out of focus element blocking part of the frame. It makes your images look so sick! – Seanwirvine

Camera Settings Tips

42. Always shoot a hint underexposed. You can always lighten the whites but you can’t bring info back in overexposed shots. – Mandyfoudoulaki

43. Get to know your camera. Spend time working through all the features and settings and learn how to get the most out of it. – Cameronritchie

44. Don’t be afraid to use Auto ISO. It’s one less setting to worry about. – Tnttravels

45. Understand the exposure triangle (ISO/Shutter Speed/Aperture). – Timyeahtim

Photography Lighting Tips

46. Look for warm light, whether it be natural or manmade. – Awanafan

47. The sun is the best quality light source there is. –

Image by Community Member, Christian Michael
Image by Community Member, Nik Moulas

48. Learn to use your light metre if you want perfectly-exposed images. – Nikm_photographics

Travel and Landscape Photography Tips

49. Always take a little tripod with you for shooting low–light landscapes or water shots. – Jacopoz99 

50. Make sure your horizon is always straight. – Fifteenth_photo 

51. Always be ready for the unexpected when it comes to landscape photography. You never know what Mother Nature might surprise you with. – Sam_markham_ 

Image by Community Member, Christian Michael
Image by Community Member, Sam Markham

52. For sunrise landscape shots, my best tip is to always be prepared and have your frame ready before first light (normally 30 minutes before sunrise). Even a burning sky can turn grey in a matter of seconds. – Ray Bishop 

53. When you’re travelling, don’t forget to capture the people you see at landmarks. Their expressions will say a lot about the place. – Dibbyboom 

54. Get to your shoot location as early as possible. – Adrian_wedderburn 

Portrait Photography Tips

55. When shooting portraits, remember that the most important thing to have in focus is the eye. – Krissaad 

56. Candid moments happen unexpectedly so keep your camera handy whenever possible. And don’t get too close to the action as you might disturb the scene and lose its authenticity. Instead, use a longer lens and stand back. I use my EF 50mm f/1.8 STM and my EF 85mm f/1.2 II USM for candid shots. – Jacqueline Crompton 

Image by Community Member, Jacqueline Crompton
Image by Community Member, Jacqueline Crompton

57. When taking photos of kids, get down low and capture them at their level. – Blueberrycobaby

Astro Photography Tips

58. Good filters and editing skills can make a huge difference when shooting the stars! – Miaa.Johnson

59. To get sharp focus when shooting the night’s sky, set your lens to manual focus, turn on live view, magnify to x10 and get shooting. Astro.coy

Image by Community Member, Stephen Coy
Image by Community Member, Stephen Coy