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Efficient Photo Printing at Home

Printing your favourite photos at home has now become a lot easier and cost effective with the Canon G660 MegaTank. Equipped with 6 refillable dye-based ink tanks, it blends unrivalled photo quality printing with the ability to produce high volumes at an extremely low cost.

High-Quality, High-Volume Prints at a Low Cost

Canon PIXMA G660 MegaTank with inks

The G660 MegaTank prints high quality photos in the comfort of your own home or studio. You will be able to curate your own photo gallery, as the G660 can produce approximately 3,800 4x6 photos¹ thanks to the 6 dye based inks. With the introduction of a red and grey ink, the G660 MegaTank printer produces images with an expanded colour gamut, offering brighter and deeper reds, and better contrast and shadows.

Print on Variety of Media

Canon PIXMA G660 MegaTank banner printing

The G660 MegaTank can print on a variety of paper media, and also allows you to print banners or signs up to 1.2m in length offering versatile and brilliant prints in house without the worry of going through 3rd party print companies.

Wondering what you can get the kids to do over school holidays? Canon Creative Park is a great place to download and print creative activities to keep active minds occupied and get the most out of your MegaTank printer.

Connect to all your devices

Canon PIXMA G660 MegaTank in situ

With built in Wi-Fi, you can effortlessly print on your G660 MegaTank from your computer or mobile devices. The G660 supports Apple and Android devices, and can also be connected to your home network and work with smart speakers.

Easy Initial Setup & Maintenance

Canon PIXMA G660 MegaTank no squeeze ink bottle

Setting up your new G660 MegaTank is simple. The MegaTank range uses no-squeeze ink bottles instead of cartridges, which lowers ink costs and reduced ink related waste. All ink colours are keyed to their corresponding tank, ensuring the correct ink colour is always filled. This also allows you to fill the colours that you are low on, instead of a whole colour cartridge.

The G660 MegaTank will also help with eliminating downtime with easy to install print heads and maintenance cartridge, so you won’t need to worry about repairs or on-site printer service.

Once the printer is set up, you can follow the connection wizard to help with connecting your printer to your devices and network. You can also find step by step installation tips on our Print Assist page.


¹ Page Yield is the estimated value based on Canon individual test method using the ISO/IEC 29103 chart and continuous printing simulation with the replacement after initial setup. The page yield is based on the consumption data from the succeeding ink bottle but not t he first ink bottle.