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How to style and organise your home

These days printing is only limited by your imagination. Head down to a stationery store and get inspired by all of the papers and objects that you can print on. Canon printers can use almost any brand paper, so we had some fun with some new ideas.

Cushion designs with Transfer Paper

First we printed some favourite photos onto transfer paper, using our Pixma printer, and ironed them onto some simple blank cushion covers for an instant update.

diy home decor idea - cushion designs with transfer paper

Here are our step-by-step instructions to print:

  1. Select some favourite photos — think about perhaps three that work together (it's my favourite decorating number).
  2. Print your photos onto transfer paper.
  3. Iron on with a hot iron — we used some inexpensive cushion covers we purchased (NOTE: REMOVE CUSHION INSERTS TO DO THIS) The image automatically prints in reverse when you select the paper, which means you need to make sure everything is up the right way when you iron on.
  4. Allow to cool and place insert back into cushion.
  5. Pop them on your favourite chair of sofa and style with a blanket or throw!

    1. Labelling

      Labels don’t need to be boring…

      This is a simple but impactful idea to be practical but with some fun at home.

      Storage can be tricky especially if you have lots of shoes!

      diy home decor idea - label printing

      Using a Selphy printer we created labels for shoe storage — it’s now easy to identify what’s in the boxes, especially when they all look the same. Simply snap a (great) photo of each pair of shoes and print them out and attach them to each box. You can also use this idea for office storage like the box below, and odd bits around the house.

      photos on a mac

      Styling and words by Jason Grant

      Photography by Jacqui Turk