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Feature Image by: Collective Gen

DIY Flip Photo Calendar For The New Year

It's time to welcome the new year! Create an easy personalised flip photo calendar using your favourite photos so you can enjoy the memories all year round. Make a statement in your house using your favourite pictures and only a few materials. This DIY activity is brought to you by Geneva from Collective Gen.

To create a Flip Photo Calendar, you'll need:

• A Canon SELPHY Printer
Photo paper
• Plywood cut to A4 paper size
• One binder clip
• Two screw-in wall hooks
• Glue
• A hole punch

How to create the Flip Photo Calendar, step by step:

1. Start by printing a landscape photo.
2. Place it at the top of your wood, centered where you would like it to hang.
3. Mark the top so you know where to glue the clip.
4. Glue your clip in place.
5. Print and cut out your flip numbers.
6. Punch a hole in the top of your numbers.
7. Lay your numbers on the wood, and mark inside the holes where your hooks need to go.
8. Screw in your hooks. We did this by hand but you may need to use a drill if the wood is very hard.
9. Finally, add your numbers and photo.

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