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5 Ways Printing Can Boost Your Marketing

Despite the digital movement, there’s no denying there’s power in print. Whether you’re an employee or running a business of your own, here we run through some top ways printing can help market your business and boost business relationships.

Unlike digital marketing that is experienced only through sight or sound, physical print can also project quality to existing and potential customers through print quality and touch with choice of finishes and thickness of the media stock.

1. Make an impression with professional business cards

You never know when you’ll meet your next business contact, and it’s always good to be prepared. The last thing you want to be doing is writing your details on the back of a napkin, so having business cards ready on-hand is a great way to let them know you’re serious about what you do. Canon offers a range of printers across PIXMA MegaTank and MAXIFY MegaTank that are compatible with printing high-quality colour on thick stock such as Canon Matte Photo Paper 170gsm or Canon Glossy Photo Paper II 265gsm. It’s just a matter of selecting a template or design and updating it with your details.

Canon Matte Photo PaperCanon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II

2. Grab people’s attention with mailed promotions

With the clutter of emails and messages landing in junk mail, mailed advertising and promotions are a great way to stand out. Take for example a real estate agent, physically mailing advertising that highlights their recent suburb sales. It grabs the attention of potential home sellers when going through the personal mail which could otherwise be lost via email marketing. Another great way to implement mailed promotions is providing a Thank You card with a discount code as part of a package delivery. It adds a personalised touch to your business with the bonus of potential repeat sales.

3. Make your message last

Particularly when making a pitch or presentation to a customer, print is a great way to remind people of what was discussed. It’s worth leaving a copy of the presentation with them to digest in their own time. It gives them gives them the opportunity to revisit the information, even if they are not ready to make an immediate buying decision. Particularly with a presentation sitting on the desk, it’s a reminder for the recipient to do something with the information rather than getting misplaced with the rest of their flagged emails.

Mobile printing with Canon MegaTank printers

4. Go above and beyond with a physical card

It’s always nice receiving a physical card and it’s a great way to make an impression. It shows that you’ve taken the effort to prepare something for the receiver and lets them know you care. Canon offers a free application called Creative Park with downloadable designs that you can easily print on your own Canon printer. They range from your standard greeting cards, to 3D pop up cards if you’re really wanting to stand out.

Card designs from Canon Creative Park

5. Create personalised and branded gifts

Adding a personal touch is a great way to keep your business on the radar for longer. Giving a practical branded gift such as a mouse pad, fridge magnet or calendar are just a few examples of items used day-to-day when working. Canon offers Magnetic Photo Paper, Restickable Photo Paper and Light and Dark Iron On Transfers that can be creatively used with a compatible Canon printer to create branded or personalised merchandise.

Personalised and branded gifts
Image by Geneva Vanderzeil

It’s a lovely way to thank clients for doing business with you and keeps your brand top-of-mind when they come across the merchandise again. Marketing can be expensive, so you want it to last. While many forms of media are fleeting, printed communication is fundamentally long lived.

It’s clear that there are many benefits to printing, being a great way for your business to stand out and cut through the noise. Canon offer a range of printers with the compatible media that allows you to do this with ease all from the comfort of your own home or office.

Learn more about the Canon range of printers here.