A compact professional Full HD DV video camera with HD-SDI

The discreetly compact professional Full HD DV video camera with HD-SDI

This compact all-in-one XA35 camcorder boasts a wide dynamic range and an HD/SD-SDI terminal. It's the perfect camera for professional mobile news gathering and for journalists who need to capture content discreetly, especially in challenging high contrast lighting conditions.

  • HD/SD-SDI output for professional broadcast environments

    Outside broadcasts are easy with XA35. Signals are routed through the HD-SDI terminal and streamed directly to a broadcast van or external recorder.

  • Get closer to the action with every shoot

    The highly versatile lens combines a wide angle focal length with powerful 20x optical zoom performance to do the heavy work all in a compact design.

Your compact professional Full HD DV Camera with HD-SDI
  • HD CMOS Pro Processor

    The XA35 boasts a super smart sensor with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio for clear sound in busy environments.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi, expandable for GPS

    When you're on location, remotely control your camera functions through a Wi-Fi enabled device with no need for separate apps.

  • DiG!C DV 4 processor delivers always incredible results

    The DiG!C DV 4 image processor delivers optimum colour reproduction, faster auto focus speeds and improved Image Stabilization.

  • 5-Axis Image Stabilization for shooting in motion

    The XA35 delivers enhanced electronic correction of roll and tilt motions, reducing image distortion substantially even when shooting whilst walking.

  • Highlight Priority mode captures the truth

    Use Highlight Priority for faithful expression of tonal gradations, colours and sharpness in mid-to-high brightness range for effects similar to HDR.

  • Compress high brighteness with Wide DR Gamma

    Wide DR Gamma allows you to seamlessly compress high brightness areas withan expanded dynamic range of 600 per cent.

  • Dual card recording for easy file transfer

    Two SDXC/SDHC memory card slots allow simultaneous recording of high-quality HD and lower resolution MP4 files for easier file transfer on location.

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