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Waipa District Council: Building Connected Communities

25th May 2021

The Waipa District lies in New Zealand’s Waikato region, with the main urban populations in the towns of Te Awamutu, Cambridge, Kihikihi, Pirongia and Ohaupo.

Waipa District Councils’ vision for the region is to build connected communities. This vision also translates to their organisation internally, where their aim is to ensure their staffing community is connected and can easily collaborate on information and ideas.


We’re living in a brand new world accelerated by digital transformation. As technology continues to evolve, we’ve entered an era where work is no longer refined to a specific desk, phone or computer screen. There is now an influx of fantastic communication tools, designed for almost every touchpoint in the average organisation. The only problem? We’ve innovated so fast that the sheer number of communication tools available is enough to overwhelm any worker or IT team.

The staff at Waipa District Council found just that. They were using a variety of different technologies for screen sharing, whiteboarding and video conferencing. The technology was dated, and not particularly reliable and the feedback from staff was that they found the corporate systems were complicated to use.

Some departments started buying their own technology outside of what the IT department had implemented at a corporate level, and this started to create a lot of confusion and inefficiency.

Through its business planning processes, Waipa District Council recognised a need for change. Staff wanted a better user experience to improve meeting productivity and to ensure they were getting the most out of the technology they had invested in; and it had to support their unified communications strategy.

A key requirement was an all-in one solution that could gather everything staff needed to connect, share and work together on ideas in the same streamlined interface.


After collaborating with another local council who recently worked with Canon to implement the Mondopad solution in their organisation, Waipa District Council had confidence the Mondopad would tick all the boxes to allow them to better serve their community and staff alike.

The Mondopads’ agnostic platform allows staff to access any browser-based video conferencing system via the board. The IT department have installed Microsoft Office Suite onto the Mondopad so a range of council productivity tools are now readily available for staff to use.

Being a Windows-based operating system, it's been a fairly quick system for our IT department to get up to speed with supporting the product. We've also been able to easily install apps such as Teams and Zoom.

Richard Henderson - Information Services Manager, Waipa District Council

Waipa District Council staff are able to log into their Office 365 accounts via the board, so there is no need to bring their laptops to a meeting, they use the Mondopad to get direct access to their network files and applications. If staff need to share information from their laptop in a meeting, they use the light cast application on the Mondopad to cast their laptop screen to the board.

Hosting Microsoft Teams video conference calls is one of the main uses for the Mondopads. The staff member hosting the call joins on their laptop and invites the Mondopad as a bookable room resource. This enables staff to seamlessly present their desktop within Teams to the Mondopad and remote attendees.

Richard says that it’s an ongoing journey to ensure they leverage the technology in their organisation, but the great thing about the Mondopad is that it’s straight forward and easy to use. “There is a much better understanding of how to use the technology than there had been prior to installing the Mondopad.”

Staff say it's brilliant. Overall we've had no negative feedback which is a win for the IT department.

Richard Henderson - Information Services Manager, Waipa District Council

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